Little Pim- Language Fun and Culture For Kids #GiftGuide @LittlePim

Little Pim is just about the cutest Panda I have ever seen. Well, maybe baby pandas are cuter, but only by a little bit. But he is definitely the cutest multilingual panda I have ever seen. Little Pim teaches children a new language (or brushes up skills) through the usage of DVD’s CD’s, toys, books and games, with perhaps the most well known being the DVD’s. The way Pim DVD’s teach is through examples in short segments, each being 5 minutes long, which are part of a much larger theme, IE Spanish Disc 3 is Playtime. Throughout the disc children are shown 60 words and phrases which work with the playing theme. This way of educating is called Entertaining Immersion Method. Each Pim disc is jam packed with learning by diagram, example action and most of all fun. And did you know? Pim likes to travel! (Just check out some of his pictures below.)

Little Pim and Little Man travel via train in Shortsville, NY

Not only does Pim teach Spanish, but also French, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. We love Little Pim, and his short but sweet DVD’s, each of which clock in at 35 minutes long. Thus giving mom and dad a breather for a little bit and the little ones a little language lesson at the same time- not turning the kiddos into brain-dead zombies. (Justify it, mommies! LOL)

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park

Not only does Pim do DVD’s but also music with languages in the form of CD’s. The French Bop CD has 15 well known French children songs, all of which will help your little ones further understand the language and French culture. Some of the songs are: Tap, Tap, Tap, and Les Petites Marionettes. To round out our French learning experience there are also word and phrase cards to quiz your kids with. Little Man has recently found this game to be quite fun. He might not remember the words all the time yet, but loves it when he gets the words right. With practice, patience, and Pim, I am sure in no time he will be our little tour guide through the fields of France.