What Are You Missing In Glasses? Consider LASIK


It would be nearly impossible to estimate how many people in the U.S. wear glasses or contacts with so many variables to consider. Some people only wear glasses to read, and others wear them only to drive. Many people only wear eyeglasses part of the time and contact lenses the rest of the time. But, according to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction.

That means that 75% of adults are missing out on seeing some pretty amazing sights. Or, they are constantly having to worry about packing glasses or contacts for the trips they are taking.

Have you ever considered LASIK surgery? With LASIK surgery most patients have improved vision immediately. Having LASIK surgery will no doubt make traveling and everyday life much easier and more enjoyable.

From the sunrises to the sunsets and everything in between, vision correction from LASIK surgery results in more freedom to enjoy Mother Nature and all the little things in life you might not have been able to see before. Generally, you can travel just one week after your surgery; Most doctors will want to see you for a follow up 24-48 hours after your surgery and then you can start packing and be on your way to your dream destination.

Forms of LASIK and their risks

Those who have vision problems no longer have to be content with eyeglasses or contacts.
Modern medicine offers consumers a variety of laser eye procedures in order to surgically correct their vision. These surgeries have become quite popular as many people seek to change their lives.

The most widely performed corrective eye surgery today is LASIK which is short for laser in situ keratomilieusis. A machine is used to cut a flap over the cornea. The area beneath the cornea is then exposed and thin layers are removed by a laser to change the shape of the cornea. There are many benefits to choosing this procedure. For one, it is a very short procedure, and it can correct many different vision imperfections with little pain; patients have a very short recovery time. There are some risks that complications will occur; there is a chance of cutting off the entire flap or possibly injuring the cornea itself.