White Mountain Snowmobile Tours Colorado

Sail over the Snow in this Mountain Adventure!

If you love speed and beautiful sights White Mountain Snowmobile Tours is a perfect activity for your next visit to Colorado. Whether you are a rider, a driver, or the tour you choose this is an experience not to be missed when visiting the Leadville area. It maybe a noisier way to get up in the mountains than its skiing/snowboarding counterpart, but also one of the funnest!

Snowmobiling at White Mountain Snowmobile Tours ColoradoWhite Mountain Snowmobile Tours is a year round operation that offers a variety of their namesake snowmobile tours as well as zip lining (which is the year round part). You can go for the Family Prospector Tour which is a laid back 2 hour ride perfect for couples looking to ride double or those with kids. There is even a break for kids up to 70lbs to ride their own mini snowmobile, which they will LOVE.

The next step up is the Performance Tour, taking you higher into the mountain and for solo riders only. You want to push your limits and are already an experienced rider you can graduate the the Extreme Tour and really tear across the countryside. Any level of experience is welcome and there are options for everyone of all ages.

View during the White Mountain Snowmobile Tours near Leadville ColoradoI confess I preferred being a passenger though I gave driving a go. When I got lapped for the third time on the makeshift test track I called it a day and hopped on the back for a more relaxing trip. I wanted to look around not concentrate on driving! Meanwhile my companion was all about faster and further so me stepping back worked out well. Just call me Miss Daisy.

Snow Mobile at White Mountain Snowmobile Tours Leadville ColoradoYou can come bundled up in all your ski gear or they have everything you need, from boots to helmets and googles. White Mountain Snowmobile Tours is a large operation and everything runs like a smoothly oiled machine. Everyone we dealt with was awesome, our guide, Terry, in particular. He made even a nervous driver like me comfortable and since I ended the ride on his snowmobile being confident in your driver is a gift. He really made the trip with his knowledge of local landmarks and by taking us to all the best lookouts.

Even when I am posting the pictures I find it hard to believe how beautiful it is in the mountains outside Leadville and Twin Lakes. Riding the trails with crisp wind in your face and the sun shining on the white expanse of snow was magical. Get your engine revving and get on out there.

Find out more about White Mountain Snow Mobile Tours and the options they offer year round on their website: Whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com

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