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Today we are looking at the latest mattress comparison guide. What are the mattress should we get? Despite what the internet and other salesmen want you to believe, there is no superior material over the other. Each person has their own personal preferences.


By the guide, we have the latest innerspring mattress that is one of the beds that most of you have slept on at least one time in your life. In recent years, there is actually coil configuration in this bed system. Bonnell coils are common in mid-level beds and are like hourglasses. There are higher end beds where the coils use better contouring ability.


All foam mattresses are in a modern development and it can feel slightly different to sleepers that have been resting on springs most of the time. There are different densities as well, and different levels of firmness as well. It depends on what you are looking for.


These beds are made up with polyurethane foams.They are densely formulated and are a type of memory foams. Memory foam beds are an all in one foam construction and they have their own terms because of their own special properties. 


Memory foam beds were the bestsellers in 1970s and 80s when the material was created by NASA to bring astronauts to space.


Latex mattresses are made from the milky sap of the rubber tree from Asia. It has popular bedding materials and mattresses as it is made out of natural source. These latex brands are more expensive compared to their other competitors. 


Next, we are looking at natural latex mattress topper. Latex mattress toppers are not that common, but they have many upsides. If you like support of memory foam but want to sleep cool – then latex topper is the best for your cool sleep. Since latex is derived from the rubber tree, you can also get natural latex instead of synthetic materials. The best mattress toppers are below.


The first recommended latex is Sleep on Latex that sell high quality toppers made out of latex to consumers. Made from full natural latex, these toppers are bouncy and can support the body as well. It has different variants like soft, medium and firm. It is great for side sleepers that have body pain from firm mattresses.


Second, we have the visco pillow top latex. While latex offers more than pillow-topo toppers, some sleepers miss the feeling of more options. This selection offers more superior support of latex tops. Side sleepers should like this feature as it has pressure relief on the shoulder and hips. This latex toppers has a skirt that centers it in the mattress. 


Lastly, we have resident home design. At this brand, we are growing in our passion to provide everyone with better options of getting everyday home products. We have mattresses, rugs, furniture and we have high standards for quality and style. We make sure that searching for home products when you want it. We also give free trials and warranties because we want to offer you as much purchasing power as possible. Join us and look for our brands all the time. If you want to join us on a quest to create the house space that you always wanted.


We have several brands in resident home. The brands are Nectar Sleep, Awara Sleep, Level Sleep, Bundle, Dreamcloud, and Wovenly.

Sweet Dreams in 2019

Today we will be looking at the mattress protector king size bed.  We have a great king size mattress protector that fits the king-size bed completely. Our king size mattress protector can protect the bed against any dirt or moisture, keeping it in tip-top shape. This king size mattress protector has extra protection against all dirt and moisture that your mattress can get. It can promote fresher sleep, so when you wake up, you feel entirely clean. It is waterproof and breathable, as well. It can also fit another type of king bed mattress. You can retain the cleanliness of the mattress for a more extended period.

Mattress protectors have always given the sleeper multiple benefits, making the sleeper have protection even as they sleep. There is a barrier so that no dust mites can go through, and it also keeps the surface of the mattress dry. Whether you want to have breakfast in bed, dropping sauce on your topper as the mattress will be protected from stains on the bed.

Next, let’s look at cooling pillows. There are cool pillows for a cough that help remedy lousy coughing. There are many models so you might not know which one suits you best. However, our experts today have put together a complete guide on how cool pillows work for you.

The cooling pillow that we are looking at is adjustable. You can now sleep in comfort with the Nest Cool Pillow. This pillow has the best fabric technology to bring a fresh touch pillow that helps to regulate temperature when you are resting.

It also comes with gel-foam fill that is adjustable to whichever you feel comfortable. Get the cooling pillow today to ease your cough! We make sure that it is the best product in the market that is available to remedy your cough. No more coughing late into the night and getting a night of inadequate sleep.

Lastly, let’s look at the best pillow top mattress in the market. Saatva is excellent for all different body types. No matter whether you are lean or muscular, or you want a firm pillow top mattress, this is the model that you should get. Sleepers from all different sleeping positions should buy this pillow top mattress. It doest matter whether you are a back sleeper or sleep flat on your stomach, this is the pillow top you need. It is also an excellent coil bed for people that are hunting for one.

Saatva is the best firm pillow top mattress, and it is durable and thick. It is the type of bed that supports most back sleepers, but another kind of sleepers can sleep on it just fine too. You might want to get the Plush Soft mattress model if you wish to. It also has memory foam in it, and it is supportive. If you are a new user in this brand, we suggest getting a medium to a firm mattress. The more time we have had with this brand, the more we recommend this mattress.

A complete guide about dunlop vs. talalay mattress

There are two different systems or formulas to make the mattress that are Dunlop and Talalay; both have distinct characteristics as you can read in the following article. It is essential to know that these two processes can be done with both synthetic mattress and natural mattress.  So to compare them, we must start from the same type of mattress.

Of the two mattress manufacturing processes, Dunlop is the one that is considered the most natural process because it is simpler and ensures a final product with 0% chemical substances.

The first difference is, how the mattress is mixed with the air and how the mixture is vulcanized:

  •           In the Dunlop process, compressed air is combined with the mattress; this makes it possible to control the amount of air inside, producing the desired firmness levels. It is vulcanized and then cooled naturally. Mattress cells are left with the configuration of snowflakes and give a firmer support result and higher resistance and density.
  •           In the Talalay process, a vacuum effect is created, sucking the air that has been left inside the mold and freezing before vulcanization. When the air is aspirated, the mattress cells are stretched, and this results in softer or softer support with greater adaptability.
  •         In both processes, preservatives, and accelerators are added in the composition phase. However, nothing chemical is added in the vulcanizing phase.
  •           In the Dunlop system, preservatives and accelerators are eliminated in the washing process, leaving at the end a 100% natural mattress.
  •           In the Talalay process, other chemical elements are also added before freezing that cannot be guaranteed to be eliminated in the washing process.

The manufacturers of the Talalay system consider that a more consistent product is achieved than with the Dunlop system. However, the Dunlop system has more extensive experience, and the Dunlop mattresses have a duration record above 30 years. Dunlop mattresses are more resistant and more firm having a higher density when using more mattresses. Memory foam bean bag filler are softer and lighter, have a lower frequency and greater adaptability, so they are often used as a topper.

Benefits of resting on mattress mattresses

All models are a guarantee of total rest because, due to their high elasticity, they adapt perfectly to the body so that the pressure is distributed evenly throughout the contact surface, giving the most pleasant experience. Also, this same characteristic makes them healthier for those who use them since, since the pressure is well distributed throughout the body. The correct weight support is obtained that favours, the alignment of the spine.

On the other hand, the physical characteristics of Talalay mattress give them a higher flow of fresh air through their more giant open cells, which transpires better and the rest time elapses with an ideal temperature, being at the same time more hygienic because it is hypoallergenic with powerful fungicidal and antibacterial properties.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, this extraordinary mattress is obtained from the rubber tree. It is a natural material that has the strength of nature that allows it to preserve its rest-oriented characteristics, unaltered for some time. Considerably higher than that obtained from materials of different origin and quality.

How to decide which option can be the best protector for your mattress?

If you have recently bought a mattress and made a huge investment then replacing it again will be very expensive. A mattress topper will be a great idea to revitalize or change the style of your bed. With some research made you can come to a conclusion which one to choose and which protector will be the best fit for you. A protector can make you feel that you are sleeping on a brand new bed and all you have to spend is a quarter of the cost that is paid to get a brand new bed. We are going to list some important factors that should be kept in mind when you are researching for the best mattress protector online.

Selecting the best mattress topper

Have a clear picture of which type of mattress will be the right fit for you. We go through key points that should be checked before you decide on buying a mattress protector. 


  • Decide on what you need – whether you need a topper, mattress pad, protector, encasement or you are after something else. All such items come for protecting the mattress from allergens, dust, etc. Different terminology is used by different people and so it is important to check what your product needs. Your mattress can contain a layer of protection at the top and you may mistake it with a comfortable extra layer. 
  • Pads may be just right for you – They add extra comfort to the mattress since they add a layer over the mattress. They are almost the same as covers or protectors and they are generally designed to protect the mattress from liquid spills, food particles left on the bed, etc. Pads are also available in two types. Heated pads to be used during the winter season and cooling pads for the summer season.
  • Toppers – Topper is designed to give an extra layer on top of your bed that can softness and support to your body when you are sleeping. You can also use a pad and a topper together and this would improve the quality of your bed. Many companies use the two terms interchangeably but the two are different from each other. 
  • Encasement – They are not just a layer added on the top of your mattress. Instead, they are complete enclosures that are wrapped on all six sides of the bed to protect them from the damage of all types. This protects the bed fully and it doesn’t let bugs, mites, allergens, dust, etc. infect the bed. 

Choosing may be a tough decision since many people may not be sure what they need and how to search for the best option available. Therefore, keeping the dilemma of many people in mind we have listed all major types of protectors available. 


The best quality-price mattresses of 2019: comparison and guide

Choosing duvet covers online is not something that can be taken lightly. If you want to rest and take care of the health of your back, you can not only look at the price but also have to make sure that its properties fit with your way of sleeping.

Kama Haus VIsco Graphene Mattress

This mattress provides adaptability to any posture, due to its high-end materials. It is recommended for both thin and thick person. It is composed of 8 cm. Visco graphene means that its manufacture includes carbon that provides excellent benefits such as:

  •     Antibacterial barrier thanks to this compound bacteria do not accumulate, disappear.
  •     It is breathable since it evacuates all the moisture that the body gives off during sleep.
  •     It can regulate body heat.

Marcapiuma – Seven life 18 latex mattresses

These mattresses are made with the wise collection and processing of the rubber tree. It is considered to be one of the best mattresses to help the comfort of the back, made with a durable and natural material.

This mattress is of the highest quality recommended as an orthopedic mattress, provided with a double antibacterial cavity layer, is ergonomic for body adaptability and correct column position.

  •           It is covered by 100% cotton elastic lining makes it softer to the touch directed for those cold people.
  •           The coating has Aloe Vera compound that will eliminate bad odours due to sweat; it is completely removable, you can wash it as many times as necessary.
  •           The company uses quality materials endorsed by Oeko-Tex, EuroLatex, LGA Quality, Oeko-Tex standard 100 classes 1, and ISO 9001 n. 16333Q, this type of mattress is also recommended for newborns.
  •       Mattress financing near me option is available for this type of mattress

KAMA HAUS Viscoelastic Youth Mattress Roll

This mattress has excellent opinions of people who bought for their children; its mode of manufacture using foaming makes the mattress adaptable to the movement.

Another benefit of this mattress is that you do not need to be worry because of the best composition of the materials. Most doctors recommend Viscoelastic mattresses because it has a medium firmness and is perfect for children.

The durability of this element is indisputable because of its purely synthetic fibres.

  •           Ergo-Foam: this core is of unique material for rest since it is the adaptability layer that provides ergonomics when sleeping.
  •           Its Viscoelastic Premium layer is named as it has an open pore structure where breathability is optimal by the aeration process.
  •           It has a 3D mesh that improves the ergonomics of the person, as it provides comfort for the current release of air that is created with the core plus the body of the mattress giving a feeling of freshness and avoiding bacteria in the long run.
  •           This mattress has high-quality antiallergic fibres developed to maintain and dry internal moisture. 
  •           Soft-Foam: this layer is the one that gives softness and relieves the feeling of tiredness; it is manufactured with a cellular structure so that better perspiration.