Must Have Toddler Shoes from Max & Ola

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.

Finding adorable and functional shoes for a just starting to walk toddler can be a little tricky. I must say that I absolutely love these adorable moccasins from Max & Ola.

About Max & Ola

“Just as we must protect and care for our earth, so we must protect and care for our children” 

At Max & Ola’s, they are dedicated to the safety and welfare of the planet, and the health and happiness of children.

They make baby shoes and baby apparel in the time-honored tradition; with their hands & their hearts, using only certified, non-toxic materials. We start with the finest materials they can find, and then they do their best to make sure these are processed as naturally as possible, without harsh chemicals, so they can keep our environment and our children healthy. They believe you should not put anything on your baby that the earth doesn’t know how to produce organically.

They are a business within a family, and when they say “our family” – they mean their family, your family, and the family of man, and so they honor the ideals of fair-trade and social responsibility. Fairness, honesty, and integrity are the paradigms of their company and their mission statement, and they prectice the principles they believe in.

“When we make shoes for your little ones – we make them the same way we make shoes for our little ones, for your children are our children, and our children are yours.”

About TOT Moccasins:

Sueded and ultra-soft baby moccasins! The plush “Tot Moccasins” are ultra-sturdy and ultra-easy to slip on and off chubby little feet – yet stay firmly in place when you want them to! An ideal lighter shoe for Pre-Walkers and First Walkers, thanks to the special rubberized “pebbles” inset in the soles. Max & Ola’s “Tot Moccasins” actually facilitate the “learning to walk” stage, giving your baby the traction they need to stand and toddle forward without slipping.

The inner and outer linings of the hand-stitched baby moccasins are made of fine Italian goat leather that’s been vegetable tanned (no chromium) – so that they’re hypo-allergenic and healthy for sensitive little feet, with or without socks. Rubberized pebbles also protect the bottom of the shoes from dirt and soil at the same time.


  • Suede leather & sole
  • Soft leather lining
  • Chromium free leather
  • Rubber grips
  • Slips on

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love these Moccasins. They are adorable and completely functional. My little girl actually has incredibly small feet so she’s just getting close to wearing them, but I do have a friend with a daughter that has a little bit bigger feet and she loved trying on the shoes and wearing them all around the house. Both of the girls loved the color of them and were constantly trying to put them on their own feet. I know these are just my first pair, but I definitely am wanting to get some of the boots of the other new adorable styles that they have to offer.


If you are interested in purchasing these adorable Tot Moccasins or any other great shoes that Max & Ola has to offer, head on over to their website and find some that are perfect for the Tot in your life :).