The Best National Parks in The US

The US is full of stunning national parks that are packed with wildlife and amazing sights, all different from one another in their own way. If you want to take a step into nature, then a trip to one of the nation’s many parks should be on the agenda for you. 

Each national park has its own individual attractions and features that will entice you to come visit them. It can be difficult to pick which ones you want to take the time to visit when they all sound so appealing; so, to make this easier, here is a compiled list of the best national parks that the US has to offer: 


  • Glacier National Park



Lovingly known as the Crown of the Continent, this national park sits on the border between Canada and the US, which makes it one of the coldest and snowy parks on this list. At its name suggests, this park is known for its glaciers which are remnants of the ice age. 

Glacier National Park has hiking trails for people of all skill levels; if you’re a well-seasoned hiker, you can take the challenging Grinnell Trail, but if this is one of your first hikes, you should probably opt for the scenic Trail of the Cedars that will be significantly easier on your hiking boots.

Unlike most national parks, this one boasts stunning glacial lakes because of its icy climate. This park has over 700 lakes for you to explore, some existing as a unique phenomenon known as glacial tarns, in which, sometimes, they will form with a special type of waterfall which isolates them from fish migration. These tarns are now home to different kinds of plants and animals, unique to other kinds of lakes and well worth a visit. 


  • Arches National Park 



If you are looking for something a little different to the usual snow-topped peaks and greenery that covers most national parks in the US, then the Arches National Park is worth a visit. There isn’t a patch of green in sight. 

This park is home to thousands of natural-forming arches—this is where it gets its name—made from sandstone that are a gorgeous orange-red color when the sun hits them. It is also home to brilliant red rocks that make for a great change of pace from the greenery you can get used to seeing in other parks. The landscape is rocky and gives you an exceptional experience different to what most national parks have to offer.