Ninja Turtles Toys from Nickelodeon #GiftGuide

I don’t know how nostalgic some of you are, but whenever a prized toy or show from my childhood is re-released, I can’t help but check it out. The most recent addition is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time we learn a bit more about the young turtles. No longer are our heroes in a half shell seasoned ninja veterans, but instead they are young, and anxious for action- while still a bit wet behind the ears (turtles do have ears right?)

If you aren’t quite sure who the Ninja Turtles are, let me give you a quick lesson. The Ninja Turtles started out as an indie comic created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. Originally created as a parody of popular comics of the time, Daredevil, New Mutants, Cerberus and Ronin. After a clever media kit at their first comic con in 1984, the buzz began. From there the quartet of turtles exploded onto every piece of merchandise you can [Read more…]

Nickelodeon Floam Factory and Gak #GiftGuide

Floam is an odd substance which brings a smile to kids faces all around. It is an odd sort of sticky modeling compound with little foam-ish balls in it which doesn’t dry out like other modeling compounds. The interesting part about Floam is its ability to add textures and bright colors to everyday objects like a brightly colored underwater castle with bubbles or an alien head with bumpy skin. Also it comes off relatively easily for next time. The colors are so bright and fun the possibilities are endless. Check out the Nickelodeon Floam Factory. This nifty set comes with rollers, mashers and shapers to help make all kinds of ‘blocks’, petals, shapes and designs for just about anything you may want to build. From bugs to [Read more…]