The Other Josh Cohen At Paper Mill Playhouse

Now showing at the Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ, is the incredibly funny “The Other Josh Cohen”.  This play is about a Jewish man who is down on his luck and broke, but this nice guy just wants to do the right thing when a mysterious check shows up at his home with $58,000 for him.  Not knowing the sender, he tries to make sure that it’s really HIS money before he cashes the check.  His friends and family try to help- which only makes it stranger.  This musical (told in the past and present, with multiple actors playing the same person at the same time, often literally talking to themselves) will have you laughing from start to finish.

Josh didn’t have the best luck with girls, jobs, or even his writing.  But nice guys can finish first, and the show will make you feel good about your own junk luck, and make you laugh at yourself as well as Josh.  Add in a dancing Darth Vader and random visits from Neil Diamond, the strange-sounding show is a real hit, and one I would recommend to anyone.
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Oliver! at Paper Mill Playhouse

Just opened last night at Millburn, NJ’s Paper Mill Playhouse is Oliver!  This adorable show is great for the whole family, and both my son and I loved it.  Some of our favorites from the evening were Betsy Morgan, who plays Nancy (thief and more).  Nancy loves the main villain of the story, but wants more out of life then she has a chance to receive.  She takes up for Oliver, and pays for it in the end.   Betsy Morgan has an amazing voice, and every single time she took the stage we were excited to hear her.  Her voice and performance were moving, and she was a pleasure to watch.  My son (age 6) also loved her, and wanted to know when she will “make a CD”.  My son also was excited to see all the children on stage, led by Tyler Moran, who is in 6th grade and plays Oliver Twist.  The children were lively, talented, and great multi-taskers, singing and dancing as different parts and characters.  We had a great time at this performance, and recommend you taking your whole family to the first show that fits into your schedule.
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The Senior Players Workshop at Paper Mill Playhouse

A new Senior Players Acting Workshop, emphasizing creation of one person plays, will be offered from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for 20 weeks beginning Monday, September 10 at the Paper Mill Playhouse.  It will be taught by Ed Schiff, star of stage, screen, and TV shows.

pic 1

There will be space for actors 55 years of age and up for Mr. Schiff’s acting workshop. If you would like to register, or to get more information, call Ms. McNany at (973) 379 3636, extension 1669. The cost for the 20-week session is $285.
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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

alexanderPaper Mill Playhouse is now three shows into their Spring Children’s Theater program, with their most recent show being Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

This play tells the tale of a little boy who has one of those days where it would probably be better to move to Australia then deal with it any longer. From a horrible beginning of waking up for school with gum in his hair to a dental appointment, Alexander’s day is the personification of a bad day for a little kid. So much of a bad day that when Little Man was watching it, he was quite anxious for Alexander’s bad day to end. But by the end of the play Alexander learns an important lesson and his bad day gets a sweet coating. As this sweet coating revealed itself, Little Man also liked the play even more.

The play itself was wonderfully done by Theatreworks USA. Theatreworks specializes in bringing professional theater level shows to youth and family audiences across the nation. Professional is indeed the correct word. The woman who played Alexander was a wonderful singer as we the rest of the cast. Within minutes of realizing Alexander was played by a woman, the illusion was set and we were watching a day in the life of a little boy. The play is full of singing and dancing numbers as well as humor for both children and adults.
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