Reflect Your Love with Customized Photo Books

If you want to express your love in a different way, then opt for giving unique gifts. Gifts such as customized photo books will make distinct and special gifts. These custom-made photo albums will let your spouse look back at those beautiful moments and cherish them forever.

You don’t have to look for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or the wedding day to express your true love to someone special. Whenever you feel like surprising your spouse or soul mate, do not give them the same kind of gifts every time. Think of something new that will make your soul mate jump because of joy. In that case, giving customized photo books will be a great gifting idea.

Creating personalized photo albums is very easy. Just gather the photographs of you and your lover, consolidate them in the order you wish, and get help from any online photo printing store to create love photo books.

Here are some ideas through which you can make your photo book more special:

Relive the Special Moments

Organizing the photos of you and your special someone is not an easy task. However, with customized love photo albums, you can organize these special photos more creatively. You can use pictures from special events and celebrations. Family holidays, romantic vacations, and once in a lifetime adventures are all the moments that we enjoy talking about and looking back at. So why not make use of them to create a personalized photo book design. Besides, customized photo books make a great keepsake, which will let your spouse relive those special moments.
(more…) to Make Your Photos into Wall Hangings, Blankets, and More #CanvasDiscount

If you are anything like me, you take a lot of photos. Like, have to download all the time or you crash your phone a lot of photos. And I don’t just leave them online or on my computer, I’m the weirdo that still prints them and makes photo albums and hangs up photos on the wall- a real traditionalist like that. Sometimes you want a little more then your average photo, and that’s where a company like comes in.

The #1 Best Rated canvas shop in the USA, gives you plenty of options in size and items. Calendars, wall portraits, throw blankets, and more- whatever photo gift you would like, you can get at a great price at Canvas Discount.

We just got these two wall portraits made. We are so excited, they look great. Recently, I noticed I’m not in any photos, not since my kids. I became invisible- I think this happens to a lot of moms. We are always behind the camera, behind the scene- but we matter too. So I decided to make sure I’m in more photos both that are taken AND that are hung and in photo albums. I should be represented in our lives, in my own life especially!

Fotor For Your Photos

Looking to get more out of your photos? You will love Fotor, the site has all you will need for retouching, editing, making collages, doing layover, and pretty much any of the “fancy stuff” you can think of.  Even just the basics of tossing a filter over that photo you just LOVED but didn’t come out quite right- it’s a breeze on Fotor. It’s the easiest online photo editor I’ve used in a while.

Maybe you have a ton of photos to go through. Maybe you want to get rid of those red eyes, or flares, or even do a little “vanity” editing. Whatever works for you. Use fotor to make facebook cover easily  Goodness knows you want to look good, hahaha. Profile pictures matter, don’t they? Fotor offers a ton of effects- so many options and so easy to use.

Personalizing Your Decor With Your Own Travel Photos

Our homes are intensely personal places. We love to bring our own touch to our home, to make it look like our own instead of just a generic space where we store things and sleep.

The personalization of a home includes every element, whether we rent or own. We choose an overall design based on what we like, and then we select paints, floor coverings, and other final details that match our personal tastes.

One of the things that really finishes a home is art. After getting everything else set according to what we like, we can get the final flair with artwork. And today, even that final element can be supremely individualized. It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to include fine art prints of our own photographs.

It used to take considerable effort and money to take and develop photographs that were suitable for framing. In the days before digital photography, you had no way of knowing if you had gotten a good shot until you were already back home–and by then, you might have had no way to go back and try again.

And even after all that, you still had to find someone in your hometown who could print the final product onto some type of medium that would look nice on your wall.

Everything has changed about that now. The advent of digital photography has made the whole process easier, and you can now get beautiful photographs from your own experiences–travel in particular–to decorate your home.

Forever Connected Memory Books

So, I love photos and family, but sharing our memories can be time consuming and feel like a chore. I just learned about a KickStarter campaign for Forever Connected Memory Books and am excited to share it with you! Forever Connected Memory Books is the only personalized, interactive photo memory book on your phone or tablet that allows you to celebrate memories with the people that matter the most to you in a whole new way! You can be sure memories from your next family event or get-together last forever– you take the photos and let Forever Connected build your memory book.

photo books

You can personalize it– after the event, you can sign and send personal messages to each person right in the book! Just touch their photo to send and they’ll see a talk bubble next to your photo, and tap it to see your personal message!

You can decorate it– Send fun stickers to each other: Place a fun sticker anywhere in your book and even place them in others’ book (don’t worry, they can hide it if they like).

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5 Ways to Preserve Your Precious Family Films and Photos


Family photos and films are priceless. These items help you to reflect on the past and take a trip down

memory lane. Since these pictures and films are so important to you and your family, it is essential

that you take the time and effort to protect them and keep them safe. Here are 5 ways to preserve your

precious family films and photos so that you can continue to pass them on for generations to come.

1. Find or create a controlled environment where you can store film and photos. This may not be

possible for everyone, but if you can do this, it will help you to preserve your films and photos the

best. Ideally, you want to store these things in a cool temperature with moderate humidity. To

achieve this ideal environment, many people store film and photos in the refrigerator.

2. Keep photos and films in a dark space. Light, especially sunlight, can seriously impact the quality

of your film and photos, causing them to fade quickly. With time, sunlight can actually cause so

much damage to videos and film that they may no longer be watchable anymore. Keep photos and

film in a sealed box and try to store them in a cool closet that is also very dark.

3. Understand that film, especially older film, is extremely flammable. In order to protect these


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