WIN! Magicforest Presents Trudi – mother and child hand puppets

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Cute plush are fun for the whole family especially at bed time, but some of the most imaginative kinds of plush are hand puppets. With some creativity, a few props, a background, and of course some cute and cuddly puppets, the world is your stage. (Or a small stage is your stage for any scenario you can dream of.) Magic Forest, the distributors of several fine toy lines, have brought straight from Italy a new line of puppets made by Trudi.

Trudi is an Italian plush company which has been making plush since 1954. In the 1970’s they became renowned for their “Trudi Bear” which has a distinctive snout and to this day is still made in the same way as all their plush. Hand-made, double stitched, and hand combed in the Far East by local artisans in fair and safe working conditions. In Italy, instead of asking for a stuffed animal, kids ask for a ‘Trudi’. Trudi are known for their Puppets, Best Bussi, Baby Bussi, Sweet Collection, Trudi fantasy, and Trudi puzzles.

Trudi’s most recent addition to their line of wonderful plush are the mother and child hand puppets. The line includes Hen, Penguin, Owl, and Koala hand puppets with parent and child. Each puppet is incredibly soft and so much fun. The child puppet actually fits inside of the mother’s pouch, as well. Each puppet is double stitched, machine washable, and sized for little hands (but mine fit as well, so we can play together). Puppets are great fun for kids but are also useful. They help develop emerging language skills, social skills, and imagination. In babies, the list is skills puppetry improves is quite extensive and includes: gross motor skills, cognitive skills, language skills, vocabulary, curiosity, empathy and feelings expression. All of this while letting your imagination run wild makes for some fun times for kids of all ages.
Trudi Mother and Baby puppets are available in twin plush sets and retail for $25. He sure to check them out at

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Shadow Puppets

There is an odd occurrence in our house when we get something for Little Man that he isn’t as excited for as we expected. When this happens, either he is right or a more special moment occurs and that is Dad saves the day.   In doing so, Dad gets him super excited about said item within moments.  One of those moments recently was with the Magicforest Dinosaur shadow puppet set.

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Upon first examination Little Man thought they were interesting but didn’t really see these were puppets or how these were more fun then his giant furry puppets.  That is, until Daddy came along with some dinosaur hand puppets and the shadow puppet set and his imagination.  The tale weaved was simple and straight forward about friendship and sharing between a T Rex and a stegosaurus, but the fact that he showed the little guy how to use the shadow puppets led to Little Man crafting his own tale of wonder, espionage and tooting.  Yep.
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