6 Fun Activities For Parents And Kids On A Rainy Day

6 Fun Activities For Parents And Kids On A Rainy Day

A rainy day can be gloomy. Boredom can hit your kids hard if it’s raining outside, and there are no signs of the sun appearing any soon. The best thing to do in such situations is to engage in fun indoor activities with the kids. Here are a few activities can be carried out indoors:

1. Treasure Hunt

An indoor treasure hunt is a good way to keep the kids busy. You can make one set of clues for every kid. One clue is going to lead to another clue, until the last clue leads to the treasure. The clues can be rhymed for extra fun. To help the treasure hunters keep the track, seal the clues in an envelope, and mark them with a clue number. Kids can compete with each other, and the treasure can be a small toy or chocolate.

2. Indoor camping

You don’t need to go on camping outside. Set up a pop-up or small dome tent inside the house. If you don’t either of them, take a couch and by draping sheets over it, you’ll be able to create one. Place pillows, sleeping bags, airbeds, and bring an indoor snack to be eaten underneath.

3. Indoor film festival

Take out some classic movies. Some good options are Lion King, Toy Story and Lady and the tramp, and hold a screening marathon. A big bowl of popcorn, along with a cozy blanket will complement the movie.

Inexpensive rainy day activities that keep kids interested

Children are teeming with energy, and it is ideal to let them play outside so
your house can stay clean. However, on rainy days that is not always an
option. You then need to find activities that will keep them interested without
breaking your budget. Here are some ideas that are very inexpensive and will
prevent you from hearing that familiar phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!”

1. Have Your Children Build A Fort

Children love to pretend play, and one great rainy day activity is building forts.
This activity is free and uses materials you have around the house. Set the
children up with blankets and sheets, let them move chairs around and watch
their creative juices flow! They will have a blast creating their fort and playing
house in their fort for hours.

2. Make a Batch Of Homemade Play Dough

There are many homemade recipes for play dough, and most can be made
with materials you have in your kitchen. Involve your children in stirring and
mixing the play dough as well. This will keep them busy and will also help
them work on their measuring skills. Give them a rolling pin, plastic silverware,
and cookie cutters, and join them in their play dough activities.

3. Making Crafts From Recycled Materials

If you look around your house, there are many items that can be repurposed
into crafts. Children can use paper towel rolls, empty jars, and leaves to