Where to Stay When You #VisitLancaster

lancaster-NYC 269We love Lancaster. With so much to see and do (and if you are a regular reader, you have seen many posts about the area right here on this site) there is always a reason to go back to this laid back, family friendly community. If you are looking for a hotel, I suggest you check out the Bird in Hand Family Inn.

lancaster-NYC 254With easy access off of one of the main roads in the area, surrounded by Amish farmland, the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn features 125 comfortable, well-equipped rooms and a family restaurant. They also feature two indoor pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, a large outdoor playground, and petting zoo- all free to use at your leisure. There is also a mini golf course available for a fee. The rooms are clean and the staff is friendly.

petting zoo in PAThe hotel also offers complimentary, two hour tours of our neighboring Amish farmlands- but don’t think you will take one on a Sunday. In Lancaster, there is not a whole lot going on Sundays, so plan accordingly.

bird in hand family inn PARight on the property is also the Bird in Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord, with all you can eat dining. With good PA Dutch and Amish cooking, you will most likely eat more then you should, and not feel sorry about it. In fact, I definitely suggest doing so. You only live once, and we don’t all have the blessing of living in the Lancaster area and getting to eat the food all the time. So you gain a pound, so what. Take it off next week, it’s vacation! It’s well worth it, let me tell you. They have several counters of food to choose from, and if you are like me, you won’t know what hit you or what you liked best. I really can’t tell you. There was also a kids buffet, with all the child favorites like pizza and macaroni and cheese- perfect for your little one or for picky eaters.