George and Martha’s Morristown, NJ

morristown nj

If you are looking for a modern home cooked meal with a sophisticated yet delicious flavor profile, George and Martha’s is for you.

When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Not food- it was a holiday smell, like Christmas trees and spice. It carried through the entire restaurant- not in an overpowering way, but subtle, a nice note.  The menu was cool (and the prices were reasonable, nothing crazy) with fun options, as well as interesting twists on traditional favorites.  Choices were varied, but everything we tried was better then average, with a few that were real standouts.

maple bacon

The first thing (and possibly the best) that we tried was the cornbread. Not just any cornbread, though this one has “Bourbon Maple Glaze, Served with Sweet Butter and Roasted Corn Jam”.  Right? It was as good as it sounds, and served warm. At 7$, worth every penny. My son wanted appetizers as his meal, and that was fine with me. He had calamari rings and a side of macaroni and cheese. He orders both of these often, and enjoyed both. Dad very much liked the calamari- because, of course, he had to try them out, and the mac and cheese was home made, smelled wonderful, and was ultra gooey.

george and marthas

My husband tried the burger of the day, which was blue cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon.  Since it was Sunday,  brunch was an option, and I had the chicken and waffles with a bacon syrup topping.  Everything was fantastic, and nothing would break the bank, either.

chicken waffles

Everything we ate was cooked perfectly, a harmony of flavors.  Crunchy fried chicken with smokey flavor of the bacon and the sweet of the syrup, mixed with the home made waffles.  The burger was to the desired wellness, with a good amount of blue cheese and bacon and the wonderful flavor of caramelized onions.  The  corn bread was a must, really- this dish might not sound like much, but will be a favorite,  and is a perfect way to start a meal at George and Martha’s.  A surprisingly delicious special item which will delight everyone who tries it.  This was pretty much the theme of the meal, each dish was unique and delicious, different and flavorful, exactly what we wanted and completely unexpected.  I would suggest George and Martha’s to just about anyone looking for a great spot to grab a bite to eat.

Fresh Mex Lobster at Chevy’s

In the heat of the summer season, there are quite a few foods which bring out memories of warmth, and ocean fun.  One of these is lobster, and what better way to serve lobster then Mexican style?  This may not sound like the norm, but honestly- the norm is boring.


Chevy’s is known for there California inspired Mexican food. Each dish made from scratch daily with only the freshest highest quality ingredients.

Their most recent menu addition is the fresh taste of lobster added to some everyday dishes with some Chevy’s twists on classics.  This is, of course, in addition to the long list of Cali-Mex inspired dishes.  The main dishes introduced are Lobster Salad, Lobster Tacos, and Lobster Rolls.  Each dish includes fresh lobster cooked to perfection just for you.  I know what you are thinking- but it’s really fresh, and really good.


Of the dishes available we tried out the lobster tacos and the lobster salad, as well as an interesting spicy shrimp.

We started out our meal with an appetizer, which was jalapeno bacon wrapped shrimp.  Each shrimp is individually hand wrapped in roasted jalapeno peppers, manchego cheese, and bacon.  This makes for a spicy smokey flavored shrimp that is hard to beat, so coming out the gate we are already winning.


The Lobster salad is a spring salad mix, topped with a large portion of lobster meat, as well as avocado, corn salsa, tortilla strips, and any dressing you wish (although the cilantro lime works quite well).  It was a huge salad- so big, we had to share a little bit, ha- but better to have too much then not enough, true?  I’ve noticed, as I’m sure most of you have, that so many restaurants these days have smaller portions but bigger price tags- I don’t know if they think we won’t notice, or that we won’t care, but we sure do!  I’m glad to say that doesn’t seem to be the case with portion sizes here.


We also tried the lobster tacos, which are fresh made tortillas with lettuce, cabbage and topped with a Chevy’s mexi-style lobster salad.  My son and husband both adored them, and we are going back tomorrow night for another round.  The lobster was fresh, tasted delicious, and was light tasting- just right.

Both dishes have a ton of lobster which was fresh and succulent.  Not only is the lobster a component of each dish, but it is the key component of each dish which is exactly the way lobster should be enjoyed.  No one wants a teeny amount of the main dish they ordered- you will be pleased with your plates.  Head to Chevy’s and try some soon!

Olive Garden – New Menu

Where do you go for some wonderfully cooked Italian food, in an Italian-inspired environment with some very nice people serving it?  The Olive Garden, of course.  Olive Garden is a chain of Italian restaurants across the country filling plates with Italian fare while creating smiles and full stomachs.

5 27 14 010

With promotions running all the time to enjoy.  As well as both a rotating menu of season dishes and specials as well as classic favorites like lasagna and grilled chicken Alfredo.  There is something for everyone on the menu even the pickiest of eaters.

5 27 14 005

During a recent visit Little Man and myself had a filling meal.  The meal started as most do at Olive Garden with a wonderful salad, but to bring the salad up a notch we added and antipasto.  This adds Italian cheeses and meats of various types to the all you can eat salad.  This addition is great and makes an already good salad even better.  Up next we had some chicken meatballs from the appetizer menu which Little Man devoured as if he has been starved for days.
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IHOP’s Newest Menu Item

Picture this- it is mid-week and you have no idea what to make for dinner.  The kids want pizza but you want something a bit more satisfying after the week you’ve been having.  Something that tastes like home and everyone would love.  How about breakfast at IHOP for dinner?  While there, why not try their newest menu addition Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast.

5 07 14 i hop and alpine lace 001

IHOP’s menu is perfect for those mid week slumps in meals by pepping everyone up a bit.  Maybe you are dying for something sweet and satisfying like a nice warm breakfast while the kids want chicken fingers and soup.  This isn’t possible at every restaurant but at IHOP any time of day is breakfast time.  What is nice about IHOP is there ever changing menu.  And their most recent addition is a welcome.  Their newest Brioche French Toast is cinnamon swirl.  They start with two sliced of Brioche French Toast, in a vanilla batter and grilled to perfection.  Then they add a cinnamon roll icing on the top.  This icing is the same you’d find on a cinnamon roll but instead of rolled up its spread on thick and delicious.  Finally a cream cheese icing is drizzled on top of them and the fin really starts, you get to eat it.
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