Tyson Chicken Nuggets Decorating #Mealstogether

The holiday season is the time of year when our desserts and homes get a bit brighter and cheerier. More colors, more sparkle, and more light all grace our cookie sheets, front yards, and living rooms. But there is an often times forgotten friend who is remembered at meals often but not decorated in the slightest, the chicken nugget. This little morsel of meal time fun is prefect for a holiday make over- especially since it is often the only thing our toddlers will eat 🙂

IMG_0308Children across the country clamor for chicken nuggets daily for dinner, lunch and probably even breakfast. Why not make them special for your holidays? Chances are pretty good they will be included in the meal anyway, so don’t make them feel left out. Some ideas for decorating tools are: ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes, cut spaghetti, tomato sauce, cheese slices, etc etc. If you put your mind to it I am sure you can even re-create the Night Before Christmas with Tyson chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Right up to tucking the nuggets into a sliced American cheese bed.


In our home Little Man is the primary consumer of chicken nuggets. As with many of his foods, sauces are a no no. [Read more…]