6 ways to build funds for your next family vacation

When you lead a busy, hectic life – let’s face it, who doesn’t? It’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Weekends come and go, but it’s often the annual family vacation that most families count down to every year. Arranging a vacation requires a lot of financial planning.  One way that families reduce the financial burden of organizing a family vacation is by booking it well in advance and paying in smaller instalments so they can spread out the cost. 

Wondering how else you can build up your funds for your next family vacation? Check out 6 ideas below.

Check you’re getting what you’re entitled to

The cost of living is increasing but sadly our salaries don’t often reflect that rise. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check that you’re receiving the benefits that you’re entitled to. Whether you’re on a lower income, a single parent or even a veteran who’s recently left the military – check out disabledvets.com to find out more about your veteran benefits – you could be entitled to more money than you think, that will not only help towards the day to day life of raising a family but also relieve some of the financial pressure you’re under. 

Groupon Coupons this holiday season

As we all know, there is a great shopping expedition mounting in many homes this week.  Yes, Thanksgiving is coming, and it is a great time to spend with family and friends and be thankful for all we have. We share our bounty with others- but the day after Thanksgiving is also right around the corner too, Black Friday.  One of the busiest shopping days of the year.  A time of year when friends and family get together and hit the stores at the crack of dawn to get all the best deals around.

But this year, I say do some extra research online.  With some incredible deals available now with only a few clicks, you can shy away from those packed stores and the crowds and enjoy spending time with your friends and family at home in the comfort of your living room.

Save Money With Verified Codes

There are many coupon sites on the internet, and it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. Some are confusing to find the actual deals, others are way too spammy, and others don’t really offer as many good deals as you would hope. One of the better sites out there is Verified Codes.

What makes them unique is that they update daily AND they offer 50% off and up. This section specializes in items which are more then half off. This may not surprise some of you, but the few times I have checked the site recently, there have been business card deals, backup phone batteries, Oakley eye wear, and brand name store deals as well. Now is the prefect time for catch some stellar deals. With the holiday shopping season wound down, it is now clearance time in many establishments so keep an eye on Verified Codes daily. Those great deals will not last long, but will make you smile for a very long time.

4 Simple Tips For Making The Most with Coupons

Clipping coupons can make a real difference when we are trying make our money go further and find the best possible deal, especially when it comes to the weekly food shop, but effective coupon collecting and savings mean more than simply cutting out a token from the paper and handing it to a retailer. By following the four tips below, you can turn this hobby into a really effective and rewarding system and become a true couponing expert.

1: Think like an expert and you will become an expert.

It can be a little daunting to get started with coupons as you may not know where to start or you may find yourself taking on too big a project and getting snowed under with all the different styles, offers, brands and everything else that you have to consider. Prepare yourself and start to learn some of the different styles and the language of coupons so that you easily separate your BOGOs from your PSAs and won’t be caught off-guard when people start raving about the ads that the supermarket across town has just put in.

2: Organization is vital to successful couponing.

Being prepared for the experience of spending those coupons and getting those deals also means getting yourself organized. You are far less likely to feel overwhelmed by all those dates and offers if that mountain of little pieces of paper is neatly organized into a binder. Schedules and tables are a nice way of making sure that you keep on top of offers and don’t let anything expire unnecessarily but some coupon enthusiasts advise using a baseball card holder to neatly arrange it all by brand, date or whatever other criteria comes to mind. You can also organize by bulk buying certain items and making space for everything before you shop. Planning the shopping trip can be as important as getting the deals, which leads nicely to the next tip.