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Taking Savings to a Whole New Level: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

It happens to everyone sooner or later – the big financial emergency that makes you feel like your life may crumble and fall. But if you have a good financial plan from the start, great big one time bills or financial emergencies aren’t as life altering as you might expect.

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Saving money is critically important in today’s society. Unfortunately, a majority of young adults are still struggling with high levels of debt and lack of a personal budget to help save for the future. For the past decade, Ad Council and AICPA’s Feed the Pig campaign has been working to improve financial literacy among Americans by encouraging them to make savings part of their daily lives.

The action you take today could change your life, really. But how do you know what financial decisions are the right ones? There are tons of resources and articles out there on what people think you should do with your finances, but not everyone could possibly understand where you come from, where you are going, and what your future financial goals are.

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Thankfully has great resources to help you figure out how and where to save more and spend wisely, including a new game called Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The game is like a “choose-your-own-adventure” in the form of a digital photo album! You get to develop a relationship with a future version of yourself – how incredibly cool is that? You get to jump through key life stages and instantly see the outcomes of those choices you make from teenage years through retirement. As you think through some life decisions like school, job, and awesome vacations, you’ll see how your choices may save, or lose money. No one wants to blow their money needlessly, right?

Savings On Splish Splash Waterpark @SplishSplashWP #SplishSplashSummer14


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We’re going to Splish Splash in Long Island. I don’t know about your kids, but my guy is insane over water parks.  When we’re at a regular amusement park, they want to be on the water slides- the whole day.  I don’t know what it is about water parks, but kids are 100% committed to seeing all of them.


Photo Courtesy of Splish Splash


5 Ways To Vacation on the Cheap

Being broke (or just thrifty) shouldn’t keep you from heading out on a well-deserved vacation. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, here are 5 ways to help you save cash on your next holiday.

Sleep Cheap

For most travelers, the bulk of their vacation budget goes towards their accommodation. Find a cheap (or better yet, free) place to crash for the night, and you’ll save a ton of cash. Before you set out on your next holiday, send a shout-out to your social media contacts letting them know you’re looking for a low-cost place to lay your head – you just might get lucky and score an invite to stay in a spare room or an unused cottage.

If you’re ok with sleeping on a stranger’s couch, check out CouchSurfing. It’s a thriving online community where travelers and hospitable people connect, matching up couchsurfers with hosts who are willing to put up a traveler for the night (or two) in a spare room, on an air mattress, or on the couch. Best of all, it’s free – the idea is to promote goodwill, friendships and cultural exchange through the simple act of letting a stranger crash on your couch for the night. And yes, there’s an app for that.

Eat Cheap

Next to the cost of hotels, dining out while on vacation can literally take a bite out of your travel budget. Skip the fancy restaurants and check out some authentic local food – independent diners and food trucks are usually much cheaper than chain restaurants, and the food tastes a whole lot better. Remember to check for online coupons to score discounts and 2 for 1 deals on everything from coffee to dinner theatre tickets.

Tips on Shopping for Your Teen’s First Car

If you were a teen looking for a new car, you’d likely want something loud, fast,
and flashy. Most teens are trying to impress their peers, and this is exactly the attitude
that gets them into trouble behind the wheel. As a parent it is your job to temper your
teen’s desire to act in a foolhardy manner and it starts with the car you allow him to
drive. Although you’re probably fine with putting him behind the wheel of your old-school
minivan, rife with safety features, the truth is that you probably need that car. As a
result, you might be looking at getting your teen driver his own sets of wheels. So here
are just a few tips to help you go about in in the right way.

  1. New vs. used. There are very few cases in which a teen driver should get a
    brand new car. The major exceptions would be advanced safety features, alternative
    fuel options, and hands-free technology, all of which are more readily available on newer
    vehicles. Still, you could look at certified pre-owned options that are only a year or two
    old. The idea here is that your teen is likely to ruin a first car, not only with accidents,
    but from the pure wear and tear that a new driver will heap on his vehicle as he hones
    his driving skills. This isn’t to say that you should cheap out on a car that barely runs,
    but considering how much money you stand to lose, it doesn’t make sense to buy new in
    most cases.
  2. Consider associated costs. Another thing to think about is the additional costs
    that come with buying a car. New cars will have higher registration fees and insurance

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Home Depot Coupons

Summer is coming to an end, and with it the dwindling of outside projects. Sweating in the yard is almost done, soon bundling up and working in the yard will be upon us. (Yep, always more yard work!) There is still time for one or two more projects, so grab pencils and start planning. Projects in our house involve lots of planning, head scratching, research, and then some shopping. An important part of planing is cost. The best way to keep that cost down is coupons, like the coupons for Home Depot you can find.

With coupons in hand and a good plan, most projects are within reach- within reason of course. I wouldn’t try doing big plumbing jobs, but I do think I could put in a new toilet. So please keep in mind a good chunk of home improvement needs someone who is handy. Also, if a specific skill set is needed for your project, get in lots of practice if possible. I would personally rather practice soldering pipes on some scrap then puncture a hole in water heater and drench the basement.