How to Address Signs of Aging

Aging is an inevitable natural process, but everyone would like to keep their smooth faces for a longer time. Thanks to science and technology, you can now maintain your good looks well into old age. Of course, you still need to take care of your health since these procedures only reverse the physical aspects of aging. Here are some ways for you to address aging.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to smoothen the face and help it regain shape. Parts of the face that sink as you age can be filled so that you look a lot younger. The benefit of this procedure is that it is painless and does not have any downtime. This is because no surgery is involved.


Parts of the face that can be rejuvenated using dermal fillers include the nose, lips, cheeks, and chin. The procedure will only take you about 30 minutes, although the actual time would depend on the specific areas being filled. You will have to be put under local anesthesia, and this can be in the form of cream. Then, the dermatologist will administer the treatment using a sterilized needle. You will then be allowed to sit for a while with a cold pack over the treated area.


Once the procedure is over, you can go back to your routine immediately without having to wait for recovery.


However, the procedure still has some minor side effects. You should expect some redness on the site of the injection. This may be coupled by swelling. These side effects will typically fade within a day or even a few hours. If you fail to follow your dermatologist’s instructions before the day of the filling, you might also experience some bruising. It is important to always get your dermal fillers from a qualified professional.


The results of this treatment will last for between 6 months and two years. If you go for permanent fillers, the results can even last for five years.


Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is meant for people with wrinkles, acne scars, or non-responsive skin, usually resulting from a facelift. It is important to note that the treatment is not recommended for people with acne, dark skin, or stretch marks. Ideally, you should consult your doctor before choosing to go for laser resurfacing.


So how does the procedure work?


The doctor will direct short light rays to the affected areas of your skin, and this will get rid of the skin cells that are damaged on the surface. The procedure will involve carbon dioxide or erbium lasers. Using erbium laser beams results in fewer side effects. If you have dark skin, you would be better off using these rays. This specific treatment also burns the surrounding skin cells less.


Patients can even recover from erbium resurfacing in a week. For CO2 laser beams, the recovery will take up to 2 weeks.


This procedure is not free of side effects. Typically, you should expect some bruising, redness, and swelling. These side effects are more pronounced in patients who go for CO2 laser resurfacing.


Before going for this procedure, your doctor will consider your medical history and the results you expect. You will also need to avoid drugs that can affect the clotting of blood for at least ten days before the treatment. It is also important to note that smoking can increase the healing period.



Another sign of aging is the development of loose skin and jowls on the lower part of the face. These problems can be addressed through a surgical procedure known as a facelift. The procedure aims at lifting your facial skin and muscles to make them firmer.


If you only have little sagging on the face, you can go for a mini-facelift. This involves smaller incisions, usually above the ear and along the hairline. Mini-facelifts can be performed under local anesthesia, although most doctors choose to go with general anesthesia. This procedure can help you get rid of early signs of aging, and, therefore, reduce the need for a standard procedure in the future.


People who are already showing extreme signs of aging around the neck and face can opt for a standard facelift. This procedure is more extensive, and this means you will have to get general anesthesia. Again, the surgeon will have to make incisions along the hairline and other areas on the face. Through these incisions, they can reposition the tissues under this skin and get rid of excess skin.


Being a more extensive procedure, a standard facelift will require a lot more recovery time. You will be able to get back to your normal routine after about two weeks, but the side effects will take a whole year to resolve. Your doctor will give you instruction on how to manage your side effects. Following this advice will make sure you don’t take too long to recover.


Neck Lift

This procedure is similar to the facelift, except that it is done in the jawline and neck. Neck lifts can get rid of excess fat under the chin, loose skin in the neck and muscle banding. If your face is still in perfect condition, but your neck and lower jaw are starting to show signs of aging, a neck lift can be a good solution.


People normally combine neck lifts with procedures such as brow lifts, fat transfer, and eyelid surgery. With advances in technology and medicine, these procedures have grown to be very safe. Like facelifts, this treatment will require your surgeon to make incisions in your skin; then, they will remove excess fat and skin.


For a safe procedure, you will have to avoid alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs, excessively fatty foods, and excess sugar for about ten days before the treatment.



These four procedures will help you regain the good looks of your youth. It is important to follow the advice of your doctor, and answer all their questions truthfully. This way, you will get a safe and proper procedure. Since these treatments don’t stop the aging process, you should still take care of your body and drink a lot of water regularly.


Andrew Jacono, MD is a renowned plastic surgeon based in New York City. Dr. Jacono has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has made frequent appearances on Oprah’s Face to Face and Discovery Fit & Health.


Onyx Youth Magnet Mask Review #MagnetBeauty

Pull impurities out for younger looking skin.

We all want that magic wand to help keep our skin looking clear and even better than it did years ago. There are a lot of options out there, but Onyx Youth Magnet Mask stands out. One reason is that it comes with a wand to work some magic, the other is the quality and science behind the product.

Many of us spend our day with different products on our skin, those and the dirt we pick up just walking around and our own dead skin is hard to remove. Life is full of contaminants getting into our pores and we need more than just soap to get this off. Onyx Youth Magnet Mask uses a combination of all natural ingredients in their cream and the power of their magnetic wand to draw the impurities out of your skin while all of the botanical oils, volcanic minerals and amino acids give back healthy revitalizing benefits.

Please excuse the strange screengrab- it’s a new phone, LOL.

First you apply the darkly colored cream to your face, then use the magnetic wand to wipe it off. The magnetic elements in the cream bond with or surround contaminants on your face and in your pores then are pulled out by the wand. This spa like experience at home will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. The cream has Vitamins A, E and C, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and more.


Volcanic ash is a key ingredient in the Onyx Youth Magnetic Mask and also give it the distinctive color. This works as a natural cleanser to exfoliate skin and even works on those with very sensitive skin. The ash, or Scoria, has six elements to help rebalance your skin, protect it from the sun, and fight free radicals. All of this comes together to make a product that is innovative and effective.

Give Onyx Youth Magnet Mask a try and get 20% off using the link below and the code bemagnetic when you check out. Get your Onyx Youth Kit HERE.

Golden Skin Care Tips for Summer Holiday

Keeping your skin healthy, vibrant, and healthy is always the goal of everybody. The fall season usually brings unexpected changes to the skin. The skin may seem irritated, appear blotchy, break out, or lose moisture. This may result from trees and plants allergens, being in closed-in environs, environmental changes, or new stressful schedules. We have a perfect product for your skin, and we are sure that you will want to protect your skin and it’s natural face oils.

If you want to counter imbalances, we advise that you start your protection when winter nears. You need to supply your skin with antioxidants, fats or moisturizers, cell regenerative, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. A diet that is rich in these properties needs to be your starting point. Olive oil, salmon, dark berries, and several colorful foods, known as the rainbow diet, will give your skin and body the much-needed nutrition.

Summer is the time when you have to list the places that you will be visiting. Going to the beach is not an exception. Many people enjoy going to the beach during the summer. People love going to the beaches for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and much more activities. Summers offer different great things. Since many people look forward to this holiday, it is time to show up in your best appearance by leaving behind long sleeves and long coats in the wardrobe. It is time to use tank tops and shorts. For sure, it is nice to put on these clothes to show case fashion, but wait, you need to sit back and think of holiday skin care because you will love our exposed skin care remedy.

Since the sun shines the brightest during summer, there is need to start getting worried about your skin. Therefore, you need to spend some time to read through our skin tips for the summer. It is prudent to wear some UV protection during summer and choosing our products will make sure that you achieve your summer aspirations. You will finish your holiday, go back to the office with your skin looking healthy and shiny.

The thing you should do is simple, besides applying a body lotion, you need to use our skin care protection products that will help you spend the whole day at the beach with healthy skin. The ingredients found in our exposed skin care products cause it to have a strong effect on the skin. Additionally, it is advisable to drink a lot of water during the day. Water is crucial for the skin as it prevents dehydration.

The holiday season can be a stressful time for some people as it will end up giving people irritating skin, breakouts, or sensitive appearances. You will love exposed skin care products because they act as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress for protecting the skin during the holiday. You will also access excellent skin care treatments, and oils that are artistically and therapeutically into a healing and nutritive combination of fruit oils and botanical vegetables. They are also made with combinations of skin protective and conditioning ingredients and herbal extracts.

We combine botanical ingredients and essential oils through a scientific practice that produces extreme healing and beautifying results for the skin while on holiday. We use these combinations to produce regenerative serums and potent rejuvenating skin. If you are aiming at getting a youthful skin during the holiday, we promise the much-needed joy when necessary. Statistics show that more than ninety percent of individuals do not act towards getting better natural health for the skin. You need to take advantage of our exposed skin care product because it possesses all the essential and natural oils for health and beauty care.

There is always a lot to look forward when on holidays like winter and summer parties. However, as you enjoy your holiday, the skin is the one that is facing a tough battle. The reasons why the skin might be having a hard time is fatigue, late nights, over indulging, and not getting enough rest. You will end up with a dehydrated and dull skin. When the holiday starts taking a toll on your skin, you need to revive it with our exposed skin care product.

Temperamental skin

For some of us, the changes and weather of the holiday is a routine that leads to a reddened and sensitive skin. You should not allow this to dampen the spirit of the festival. Our products have antioxidant plant enriched plants and skin replenishing ingredients to soothe your skin. This combination will enable your skin to rejuvenate and renew to calm the redness.

Dryness from head to toe

Combining the frigid and dry outdoor weather plus the dry, hot air circulating in the home and cars during these times of the years sucks moisture from the skin. You need to help everybody in your household to have a hydrated and soft skin by use of our humidifying products to add moisture to the air of your home. You can also use our butter rich products to apply from the neck to the toes. You can use the skin replenish facial moisturizer to restore and hydrate the skin.


When you are on holiday, many factors contribute towards breakouts. Gluten-loaded sweets added stress, and increased amount of the foundation you put on a lot of makeup will lead to breakouts. Being tired to wash your makeup during the night also contributes these breakouts. For some people, it can be not adhering to the normal to the normal skin care routines while traveling for holidays. You need to diminish breakouts and unclog pores with our holiday skin care products to attain a clear, smooth, and a fresh-looking skin. When you have been neglecting your skin for an extended period, you will have to use the exposed skin care solution to rescue your skin transgressions.

Fatigued skin

Tired-looking, dull, and dehydrated skin is a hallmark of lacking sleep. Many people experience this feeling after many days of holiday. The solution is acquiring our exposed skin care solutions that are rich in vitamin C and niacinamide to get a fresh-looking and glowing skin.

Make Valentine’s Gift Giving a (Tropical) Breeze

Looking for something special for your Valentine?  There are gift sets from Key West Aloe that include luxuriously blended products made with 100% lab certified aloe vera, which delivers soothing properties all while moisturizing, softening and promoting cell growth and even nourishing hair. Made in Florida, the brand’s 5 in 1 aloe foundation superfood naturally contains amino acids, antioxidants, immunity boosters, DNA & cell builders, as well as vital minerals.



Feel refreshed from head to toe with Key Lime hair and skin products – complete with travel bag.
Set includes:

Key Lime Shampoo, 8 oz.

Key Lime Conditioner, 8 oz.

Key Lime Bath & Shower Gel, 8 oz.

Key Lime Lotion, 6 oz.

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Receive four full size products, a travel bag and a free Travel Size Aloethera Intensive Hand Lotion.

Set includes:

6 oz. Aloethera Facial Scrub

6 oz. Aloethera Intensive Body Moisturizer

8 oz. Aloethera Body Wash

12 oz. Aloethera Intensive Hand Lotion

FREE 1 oz. Aloethera Intensive Hand Lotion ($6 Value)

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Begin and end the day with a dose of Lab Certified Aloe Vera, complete with a free travel bag, facial sponge and a travel size Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser.

Set includes:

  • Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser
  • Day Moist
  • Night Moist
  • Oatmeal Facial Scrub
  • Free Facial Sponge
  • Free Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser

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No need to be in the tropics to enjoy the sweet smell of Mangos. Let these travel-sized products bring the tropics to you, no matter where the destination.

Set includes:

  • Mango Shampoo- 2 oz.
  • Mango Conditioner- 2 oz.
  • Mango Bath & Shower Gel- 2 oz.
  • Mango Lotion- 2 oz.

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Specially formulated for men, this collection meets every guy’s grooming needs – free travel bag included.

Set includes:

  • Excel Shave Cream- Tough Beard- 6 oz
  • Zele Aftershave Gel- 6 oz
  • Quench EX Face & Body Scrub 2 oz

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Liquid Oxygen For Your Skincare Routine

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own and honest.

Many people suffer from acne, from teenagers and continuing. I still get acne on a regular basis, both with my “special” time and when my skin is irritated.  Fun things!  As an adult, I assumed I wouldn’t get acne anymore, but I was quite wrong.  When I was pregnant, it was crazy, too.  For other people who suffer with it, let me tell you about the all-natural skincare line  Liquid Oxygen.


Liquid Oxygen, an oxygenated skincare line, was designed to be gentle while also combating acne. It is the ideal solution for those seeking clearer skin. Liquid Oxygen starts working from the first application, so it is great for special occasions or anytime you want your skin to look and feel flawless.


It also has no harsh smells or orders, and feels nice on your skin. It has three steps- first you use the cleanser, then the astringent, then the moisturizer.  Your skin will feel smooth all day long, and the products did not irritate my skin at all.   I’ve been using the product for a few days now, and can say that the skin on my face has improved.  I get many “tiny bumps” (for lack of better explanation) all over my hairline, and those have diminished quite a bit, which I am thrilled by. I also get larger ones on and around my nose often, and they are almost gone as well.  I am very happy with this product so far.

I also like that it is all natural- that is hard to find.  It’s so much better for your skin and the environment then all those harsh chemicals some other brands use.


According to Liquid Oxygen, here is why they are different and better for you-

“Bacteria and viruses associated with acne find it difficult to grow in an oxygen rich environment. 

Liquid Oxygen acne products contain Oxygen, Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A C D & E, and essential ingredients to deliver clinically proven results.

In a double blind independent Clinical Study, Liquid Oxygen was proved effective by reducing acne in 100% of the people in the study from Day 1 through 3 – when you want it and need it most – And then each and every day for the 30 day test.


If you want to try these products for yourself, head to . They have free shipping going on for orders over $40 right now, which is always nice. You can also get $50 credit if you submit before and after photos- that’s something to take advantage of.  Head over and start your journey to better skin now!


Anti-aging body lotion

The first anti-aging body lotion for the U.S. retail mass market is being rolled out nationally by Sun & Skin Care Research, LLC (SSCR) under its new NO-AD Skin Care™ label.


NO-AD Prevent & Repair™ and NO-AD Prevent & Brighten™, which are packed with a premium blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and SPF 15 broad spectrum protection, are multifunctional products unlike any moisturizers sold in mass market outlets. Designed to promote more beautiful skin all over the body — not just on the face — each product is chock-a-block with powerful ingredients that repair, brighten, and prevent aging caused by cumulative daily sun damage.  These multi-functional products provide powerful anti-aging protection in three ways:

Incidental Sun Exposure

A new survey conducted by GfK Custom Research North America and commissioned by NO-AD Skin Care found that a majority of Americans mistakenly believe they receive most of their total lifetime sun exposure from extended outdoor activities like going to the beach. “Actually those activities account for a mere 20 percent of lifetime sun exposure,” said Brevard, Fla.-based dermatologist Dr. Richard C. Kirkpatrick. “In fact, 80 percent comes from daily incidental sun exposure, such as in driving to the store, walking the dog, or just sitting indoors next to a sunny window.”  Kirkpatrick stressed that incidental sun exposure accumulates incrementally and prematurely ages the skin.

SSCR CEO Stuart J. Straus observed that when most consumers think about “anti-aging protection,” they think of a product just for the face. “Beauty is more than face deep,” he said. “No matter how much attention you give your face, it’s the constant UV skin damage to your neck, chest, arms, and legs that can give away your age. It’s why you need to apply body lotion daily to any exposed skin. This need for total body skin care — an all-day, everyday, all-the-time, anti-aging lotion that delivers SPF 15 protection — is precisely why NO-AD jumped into the highly competitive skin care category.”

NO-AD Breaks Into Skin Care Category

Straus noted that, at 46 cents per ounce each, NO-AD Skin Care lotions cost half what competing SPF body lotions do — and yet those other lotions don’t contain NO-AD’s high-quality anti-aging ingredients. They will be available starting March 2015 at select Wal-Mart stores,,, and HEB, as well as food, drug, and mass market retailers.

“This is a category breakout for NO-AD,” Straus said. “NO-AD’s new skin care line is the first of its kind — anti-aging body moisturizers with SPF 15 created expressly for the mass market. Leveraging its 50-year sun care heritage, NO-AD Skin Care is delivering more for less, in ingredients and innovation — and is proudly made in the USA.”

NO-AD Skin Care’s non-greasy, fast-absorbing formulas are dermatologist-tested and carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of approval. NO-AD products are also PABA-free and are not tested on animals.

Winter Skin Care

With the weather this season doing a number on skin, leaving it dry, chapped, burned, and in general feeling terrible, here are some great products to try out that can help ease winter’s woes.

pic5Hyaluronic Shea Mask ($15)

The mask feels like a lotion going on, and after the recommended 15-20 minutes drying time, is still wet.  It is pretty much entirely clear at that time, and feels gel-like.  It wipes off with warm water and a washcloth.  Formulated with the moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, this deep conditioning mask prevents water loss, dryness and roughness, providing intensive, long-lasting hydration. A rejuvenating blend of soothing oils and botanical extracts deeply nourish dry, damaged and mature skin, while improving elasticity.


Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel ($24)

Featuring phytonutrient mirco-bubbles, this lightweight foaming gel removes makeup and surface impurities, while maintaining the skin’s natural, essential moisture balance and improving hydration, tone and texture. The Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel also features brown, green and red algae extracts that smooth and nourish skin.
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Jan Marini Holiday Skin Exfoliators

This holiday season, get skincare into the spirit – add a little sugar and spice with Jan Marini Skin Research’s (JMSR) limited edition Holiday Exfoliator in Cranberry Orange and Sugar Cookie.  This exfoliant is softer then most are, it doesn’t have the “scratchy-ness” that many of them do.  The scent is not at all overpowering- in fact, there is little smell until you are in the shower, actually using it. It’s sort of s strange consistency- my son called it “peanut butter”, but it worked well and had a great aroma that lingered on the skin for quite a while.

pic4 This uniquely designed scrub eliminates harsh abrasives to gently and safely scrub and resurface the skin.  The popular, clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines texture, leaving skin with a radiant, polished glow has two new scents for the season.
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