Fall Beauty Secrets

Looking to freshen up for fall?  Your skin is your #1 fashion and beauty accessory- you want to keep it looking clean, fresh, and healthy at all times. Without healthy skin, all the makeup in the world won’t help much.  If you are looking for the latest products to keep you looking and feeling your best, check these out.

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The Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind Advanced Peptide Lip Treatment is infused with anti-aging, lip filling peptides, and designed to:

  •   Repair daily damage
  •   Boost volume and moisture content
  •   Protect from UVA/UVB sun damage
  •   Improve the definition of the lip contour and shape

It is available in 5 shades, each with a sheer tint of color and shine.  The Lip Treatment is meant to hydrate, restore, enhance, and protect your lips.  The texture is very nice- it’s a little “sticky” feeling, much like many glosses.  The color is lighter then many traditional lipsticks, and claims to improve the shape of your lips without surgery as it smoothes, softens and helps even the appearance of skin tone.

The Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Traetment is available for $24.

9 16 14 product 044To clear your skin, moisturize, and refresh, check out Le Mieux‘s new Moisture Infusion Mask. The easy-to-use sheet mask hydrates distressed skin fast with a bio-delivery infusion process, while providing a unique cooling and refreshing sensation.
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Sun Bum Suntan Lotion

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate my reviews. All opinions are my own and honest.

The dog days of Summer are here, long hot days full of Summer fun in the sun. That is as long as you have protection from the sun. In order to truly be safe from the sun’s rays clothing or even staying is side are best. But how are you supposed to enjoy the sun without being in it? What to do when you are done with being inside and just want to go out and play? With or without the kids. The answer to is easy. Sun Bum sunscreen. Sun Bum specialize is two sun care product types continuous spray, and classic lotion.

pic5Continuous spray comes in an easy open twist top. Once spun to the proper setting with a simple push you are well on your way to sun fun. The spray comes in SPF 15, 30, 50 and 70 so no matter what your preference there is a spray for you from pale and pasty to golden brown. You will find the protection you need. The spray is specially made with anti-aging vitamin E, has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it is waterproof, sweat proof, hypoallergenic, free of oils and gluten free as well as vegan for those of us who follow those guidelines. For the rest of us it is a good sun screen which goes on smooth and easy but still does a great job of protecting your skin. The classic lotion is the same lotion you know and love it is thick and goes on easily with slight consistency differences between the available SPF classes which are SPF 15, 50, 30, and 70.

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Keep Your Skin Fresh and Healthy

This summer, take care of your skin with some of the latest products to hit the market. That’s why you should always be on track of the new products. Misumi is one of those websites that can give you a lot of information in bite-size chunks. Information that can be easily applied and used with the purchased supplements. Full of vitamins, aloe, and more, these are meant to nourish your skin and make it look it’s best while protecting it from the sun and harsh elements. Protecting your skin is proven to keep it looking younger, firmer, and healthier. Why not do what we can before we start to dislike what we see in the mirror? Protect it from the sun, use sunblock and moisturizer daily, and hydrate and exfoliate.  Look your personal best with minimal effort, and feel healthy, too.



emerginC’s spf 30+ contains all natural ingredients to protect and nourish skin, including vitamin C, which improves tone and texture by removing dead skin cells, ultimately diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that often result from sun exposure.  spf 30+ also uses the antioxidant power of vitamin E and green tea, as well as the soothing and hydrating effects of aloe vera, which also stimulates cell growth.  Other active ingredients in spf 30+ include sea buckthorn extract, licorice root, maritime pine bark extract, and panthenol. Also available in tinted spf 30+ for those wanting an even cover-up.
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Champneys Beauty Supplies

Have you ever hear of Champneys? It is a recently released bath and body spa collection that smells great and has your skin feeling and looking fantastic. To help you turn heads, here are some price-friendly beauty products you will love to use.

Exotic Retreat Body Glow

$11.99; Target.com
An exfoliating blend with White Bora Bora Sand, Brown Sugar, Mango Butter and Coconut Oil to help leave your skin soft and supple.

Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil
$10.99; Target.com

A skin conditioning, dry body oil with a subtle gold shimmer, designed to leave skin looking radiant. Nourishing Jojoba, Sesame Seed Oil and Rice Bran Oils ensure skin is soft and conditioned, while the blend of sensual Ylang Ylang, calming Sandalwood and exotic Patchouli essential oils encourages feelings of wellbeing and tranquility.
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