Win a Frankie the Fox Twilight Buddies Sleep Cuddle Toy

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So, what does the fox say?  This one doesn’t say a thing, thankfully- but it will help your little one drift off to sleep.  One of the latest from Cloud B, trusted maker of bedtime buddies, this super soft and snuggly friend is part stuffed animal, part soothing sound machine, but all calming, routine keeping, rest inducing cuddles.

10 13 14 091Frankie the Fox is a plush that offers tranquil sounds to help calm and comfort children to sleep, a perfect companion for a calm and restful night for both kids and parents.  Every child needs a special lovey when they go off toy bed, why not choose one that will help them drift off to sleep as well?  With all the travel that comes with the holidays, this little guy is perfect, and your child won’t want to be without him.