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Atom Compression Wear has highly comfortable, soft, and brightly colored compression socks and sleeves made with the benefits of milk fiber.  There are so many benefits of compression wear and milk fiber, these will help your tired legs, improve your circulation, and stay up with no endless tugging.


For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I’m a huge fan of compression socks and sleeves and wear them nearly every day. I like the fun colors that Atom offers, and that they come in wide calf sizes as well. While I don’t think my calves are particularly wide, it seems most of the “fun” compression socks and sleeves are made for those with much slimmer calves then I (what can I say, I work out) so it’s good to be able to find them in sizes that fit.

Atom Compression Lanati Milk Fiber Classic Socks are great for athletes, runners, and anyone who plays a lot of sports. They are also perfect for those who spend all day on their feet, and find themselves with tired or swollen legs, ankles, or feet. Pregnant women find relief as well- I wish I had known about compression socks when I was pregnant. 

BODYARMOR Sports Drink

The following is a review which was facilitated with a sample and coupons from the sponsor.  All opinions are my own.

Are you tired of your kids grabbing for brightly colored sodium filled sports drinks?  Why is it OK for sports drinks to be brightly colored, but you would never accept that for your fruit juice?  The answer is, that it isn’t OK.  Food dyes are food dyes, and the bright colors are not natural.  Maybe in a field in the Spring, but not being chugged by your 10 year old.  So why not grab for a more naturally geared sports drink, like one from BODYARMOR.

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BODYARMOR has a line of sports drinks out now which are all natural and based on coconut water.  With coconut water, you know the vitamin content is going to be high, as will be the potassium levels and the amount of electrolytes.  You get 200% RDI of vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and 100% of vitamins A, C, and E.  The electrolytes help  maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and nervous system activity, all of which are very important during physical activity.  The big difference between BODYARMOR and other sports drinks is the electrolytes- instead of using sodium, they use potassium, which has been found to be lacking in many athletes.  Some of the athletes who use BODYARMOR include: Mike Trout, Andrew Luck, James Harden, Buster Posey, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Love, Richard Sherman, Skylar Diggins, and Sydney LeRoux.

Rookie USA Kids SportsWear Store Moves into Manhattan #RookieUSA #CBias

I recently went to the newly opened Rookie USA store, located at 808 Columbus on the Upper West Side. Rookie USA was in a super convenient location, with lots of other stores and shopping nearby, on street parking and parking garages available. It was a beautiful day, on a beautiful street- AND I even found a parking space, and successfully parallel parked 🙂 Hey- sometimes it’s the little things!

I know- But I was so proud of myself- I am the worst parallel parker!

Rookie USA is beautifully set up, with wide open spaces (easy for pushing strollers in) and racks that are not overcrowded with clothes. The employees were friendly, and the store itself was clean and had a nice atmosphere- no loud music or flashing lights that make me want to run out as fast as I can, LOL.

The store sells clothing and accessories such as backpacks and baseball hats for infants through teenagers. They carry brands like Nike, Levi’s, Converse and Air Jordan, and even have very small jerseys. There is an entire wall of sneakers as well.

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Vision

Not only does a child’s diet play an important role in keeping their eyes healthy, so
does preventing potential injury to the eye and eye area and spotting and treating eye
problems or infections. Here are five ways to make sure your child has the best vision

1.) Make Sure Your Child Gets Regular Eye Exams– Visiting your doctor regularly
is an important step in maintaining your kid’s eye health because they can monitor
any changes or potential problems. Every time your child goes in for a body checkup
make sure the doctor spends some time on their eyes as well. Children’s eyes change
rapidly and need to be monitored regularly. If your kid wears glasses or contact lenses,
it is even more important because their eyes change and need to keep up with their
corrective lenses, contact or glass. One popular brand of lenses is the Air Optix Aqua
which lets eyes breath and can be easier for kids to wear.

2.) Kid-proof Your Furniture– It is almost impossible to keep accidents from
occurring but you can do your best to make sure you lessen the damage of these
accidents. Hardwood floors can be slippery and rugs that have slip-proof coating can