Bratz Study Abroad Doll – Yasmin

Disclosure- The below has been provided in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest.


My girls absolutely love playing with dolls and barbies. They were incredibly excited to be able to play with Bratz Study Abroad – Yasmin.

About Bratz Dolls:

The iconic pop culture brand Bratz is back! ¬†They are famous for their creative take on girl’s fashion, Bratz has been reimagined to reflect the trends of today and is poised to be every bit as trend-setting as the original collection was back in 2001.

They are taking cues from pop-culture buzz words and trends, the new line includes outfits and accessories themed around Selfies, world travels, winter sports and even emojis. The revamped Bratz dolls will also give girls the chance to create their own outfits with a C.I.Y. Shoppe design tool that provides an immersive and interactive experience to truly express themselves and create their own worlds.


About Yasmin: 

The Bratz Study Abroad Collection features each of the girls in outfits inspired by the countries that they have visited.

While Yasmin is soaking it up in Brazil, the language, the samba, the bold fashions – Yasmin brings back a piece of the paradise to share her best friends for life.


  • Styled in a pair of sunny yellow sandals and a light pink shopper bag.
  • Yasmin is wearing a colorful crop top, zip-up denim jacket with fringed sleeves, and a tropical satin skirt.
  • Her 2nd outfit is a 2-piece sporty top and bottom combo
  • Turquoise headwrap
  • Pineapple purse
  • Electric green luggage with telescoping handle
  • Sticker sheet to decorate luggage
  • 13 accessories, including the iconic Bratz hairbrush in sunny yellow


My Thoughts:

My daughters were incredibly excited to play with Yasmin. They alternate playing with her with their barbies and just playing with her. They have enjoyed decorating her suitcase. There were so many great accessories for them to play with with her that they could’t have been any happier to be able to do a little bit of everything with Yasmin.

The girls love dressing her up in a combination of the outfits that were provided when they got her.

I think that Yasmin and the other Bratz Dolls in the Study Abroad line would be perfect toys for little girls!