Celebrate National Hugging Day with Huggy Buddha

Did you know today was National Hugging Day?  What a wonderful day!  Of course, the best way to celebrate is with a zillion hugs.  We just got this adorable, and of course huggable, Huggy Buddha that beckons you for cuddles and is perfect not just for today, but all days.  I love him- I didn’t even let my son keep him, haha.  Huggy Buddha sits on my couch with the throw pillows so that everyone can smile when they see his happy face and then give him a hug when they settle in.


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we’ve discovered the best medicine of all – a hug.  In celebration of National Hugging Day on January 21, Huggy Buddha will make its debut in time for a day filled with warm embraces.

As an ancient symbol of good luck and well wishes for a happy life, Huggy Buddha is all about hugs, happiness and more. So what better way to celebrate National Hugging Day, than with hugs and a Huggy Buddha? A hug can transfer positive energy and lift spirits!

A Soft, Cuddly Bunny To Love

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What child doesn’t love a soft toy?  My son loves stuffed animals, they are one of his favorite toys.  One of the latest stuffed toys he has gotten is Baby Bo, the stuffed bunny from Ragtales.  The perfect size for little hands, he is soft and snuggly, with no buttons or eyes that will come loose and choke a child.  His eyes are sewn on, and he is adorable in every way.  Delivered in his own box, he is presented like a gift and will delight the child that gets to open him.

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“Just like the larger version of Bo our new Baby Bo Rabbit is just as lovable and will delight any child for many years to come. Baby Bo is made in the same gorgeous fur, has a weighted torso and comes with an embroidered identification patch on the sole of the paw. Baby Bo comes in a beautiful presentation box.” (Via Ragtales)