Win a Fun #PEEPSONALITY Gift Package by @PEEPSBrand

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Sandy toes, sunburned nose, summertime is in full swing! Whether you are trying to make a splash or would just like to have it made in the shade, PEEPS & COMPANY® has got you covered.

We would love to offer you the opportunity to add PEEPS® to your summer vacation with a gift pack from PEEPS & COMPANY® that you and your family can use for some fun in the sun!

If you’re interested in this opportunity we’ll send you your favorite PEEPS & COMPANY® summer goodies, including:

  • One (1) PEEPS® Beach Ball
  • One (1) PEEPS® Collapsible Plastic Water Bottle
  • One (1) PEEPS® Character Flying Disc
  • One (1) PEEPS® Wetsuit Pouch
  • One (1) PEEPS® Pail
  • One (1) Signature PEEPS® Beach Towel
  • One (1) Signature PEEPS® Tote
  • (more…)

Discount Tickets for Splish Splash Water Park @SplishSplashWP #splishsplashwp

We will be headed out to Splish Splash Waterpark in a little more then a week, and we wanted to share a discount code with you so you can save when you go as well!

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Cool Down with Hot Toys

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Summer is fully upon us, in all it’s glory. And by “glory” I mean it’s hot, sticky, sweaty heat. (Almost enough to make you forget what a brutal winter it was, ay? I said almost.) For those of you looking for ways to cool down, try these.

Little Tikes has a play table perfect for whiling away summer hours, the Treasure Hunt Sand and Water Table.


There are several things about this toy that make it worth the buy. The no tech, getting kids to play outside aspect, being involved in creative play, multiple kids can enjoy the table at one time, it can be used in more then one way, you can bring it indoors in cooler weather should you choose to, and the best part- it keeps them busy for HOURS. Hours of time that the kids can entertain themselves and really, truly have a great time. Kids love water play. They love sandboxes. Combine them? Um, yes. The lid is also a water play basin, so they can play with both sand and water areas at the same time. You can get in there and play with them, let them play with friends or siblings, and you can also set it up for them to use when you need to get some of those “grown-up”, boring outside things done. Use it during cookouts so the kids can play and the adults can talk with no boredom-whining. So many reasons! Get yours at for $59.99


While we are on the topic of things that will get the kids active and playing for hours, check out the Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide. For any of you who follow me on Instagram, you have no doubt seen quite a few photos of my boy making good use of it. Heck, even the dog got in on the action (not recommended for use by pets by the brand, of course) and splashed around in the wading pool area with my son. The slide is easy to set up, and anchors into the ground to keep it steady. It inflates in less then one minute with the included pump. Then you attach your water hose to it, and turn it on- voila! Water slide/bouncy house fun, right in your backyard. As time goes on, the pool at the bottom fills. It doesn’t get very deep, however. There is also a basketball net and mini inflatable ball included for more fun- get a game on while staying cool.

Must Haves for Summer Travel

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.
With summer upon us and holidays and vacations on their way, it’s time to get ready for warm weather, packing, and road trips or plane travel- whatever suits you.  The hardest part of travel is just that- the traveling, especially if you have kids.  Here are a few items that can make your trip that much easier.


My son’s new favorite piece of luggage is his VRUM suitcase, officially called VRÜM Ride-On Storage.  This rolling suitcase comes in several licensed characters, like SpongeBob, Dora the Explorer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Kids can pack it up, ride on top of it, and roll it along as they make their way to their hotel room.  My son loves it because not only is it one of his favorite characters, but it’s easy to pack, hard covered (so no biggie if it falls over), and has straps inside to secure all his toys so they don’t hurt themselves- very important.  It can be a little unwieldy when you try to pull it behind you (it doesn’t want to move in a straight line) but is light to carry if your child doesn’t over-pack it. It “locks” shut with a twist, so things won’t fall out, either. By Wicked Cool Toys, available for $39.99 on


Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blankets are adorable, fun, and functional.  Not only that, but the price is right for only $20- this is a great gift for any child with a summer birthday, or “just because”- not to mention truly perfect for travel. This portable mini-pillow is just the right size for little heads, and has a handle on it as well for toting about. Grab it and go, no matter if you are hitting the road or catching a flight, this will be your child’s new best buddy.  One part stuffed animal, one part pillow, one part blanket, these creatures all all cuddle. Out of the stuffed animal, your child can easily pull out a soft blanket to snuggle on trips, and use the animal as a pillow.  They can play with the stuffed toy or just hug it as well after they stuff the blanket back inside- and yes, it’s easy enough for them to do it (perhaps kids under 3 will need some help).   Available in Ladybug, Monkey and Owl for $20 at:

Totally Taken Care Of with Listerine #LISTERINEMom

Disclosure – I received LISTERINE® Brand products and a Walgreens gift card from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Brand Totally Taken Care Of program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


Taking care of summer fun can be a daunting task.  Rain or shine, you still have to keep your family’s days fun filled. Plan ahead to have more fun and less stress.

First of all always be prepared.  Check your local weather forecast, and keep that in mind.  Weather can change on a dime, and even the slightest chance of rain means pack rain gear and have an alternate plan if your activity is outside.  An example would be a picnic in the park can be great fun, but can’t be banked on for a meal.  When picking a park to eat in, make sure you find one that has some cover in the form of a gazebo or covered area to run to if rain starts to fall or to protect you from the overbearing sun.

Banana Boat For Summer Fun #BBBestSummerEver @bananaboat

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 A necessary part of summer is the sun of course, but with those hot days at the beach also comes the danger of skin damage and skin cancer from the sun.  The best way to fight this is with sun screen, and one of our favorites is Banana Boat®.
 As every parent knows a good summer trip involves preparation.  Snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray ,and a towel are just some of the necessities needed for summer fun.
One fun trip we took recently was a fishing trip to a local camping spot. The prep for this trip was simple.  It was a damp morning, but it was due to clear up in the afternoon so we of course grabbed the Banana Boat® as the husband and son are super fair skinned.  We also grabbed the snacks, water bottles, and hand sanitizer.  Of course, in addition to hats and fishing gear.  Can’t fish without that!
The day started out dreary and pouring, so it was a good thing snacks were packed.  The rain cleared up, it was time for fishing so sun screen was applied and fishing commenced.  As the day progressed, the rain started up again the fishing trip had to be brought to an early end around lunch time.  The best part of this trip- not a spot of sun burn among any of us.  My son even caught a fish!  If you can call that a fish, LOL- and yes, it was put back. No one getting burned is always tricky, because my son and husband are  quite pale.  Of course, everyone can burn, but the lighter you are, the harder it can be. The day was a success with the little guy catching the only fish and everyone having a good time.


Get Ready for Summer with Land’s End

So, it’s Spring, right?  That’s what I hear, that’s what the calendar says, yet….yet it’s 32 degrees outside and I am still wearing boots and a winter coat every day.  I think someone has gotten it way wrong.  Isn’t Easter next week?  Because it snowed last weekend, and I’m pretty sure April is just a few days away….Have you had it with winter, East Coast?  Mid West?  Do you fight the impulse to “unfriend” your buddies living in warmer climates who post selfies of themselves in shorts or in their backyards, barbequing in t-shirts?  Then it’s time to get away.  Fast.  Check out the sweepstakes Land’s End is hosting to Win a Trip for Two to the warm and sunny British Virgin Islands.


After a horrible winter, the majority of us could use a warm getaway. LandsEnd has teamed up with the British Virgin Islands to offer one lucky winner a trip for two to the beautiful Bitter End Yacht Club.  Make sure you enter to win (more points as you pass it along to friends as well).

Sun Bum Suntan Lotion

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate my reviews. All opinions are my own and honest.

The dog days of Summer are here, long hot days full of Summer fun in the sun. That is as long as you have protection from the sun. In order to truly be safe from the sun’s rays clothing or even staying is side are best. But how are you supposed to enjoy the sun without being in it? What to do when you are done with being inside and just want to go out and play? With or without the kids. The answer to is easy. Sun Bum sunscreen. Sun Bum specialize is two sun care product types continuous spray, and classic lotion.

pic5Continuous spray comes in an easy open twist top. Once spun to the proper setting with a simple push you are well on your way to sun fun. The spray comes in SPF 15, 30, 50 and 70 so no matter what your preference there is a spray for you from pale and pasty to golden brown. You will find the protection you need. The spray is specially made with anti-aging vitamin E, has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it is waterproof, sweat proof, hypoallergenic, free of oils and gluten free as well as vegan for those of us who follow those guidelines. For the rest of us it is a good sun screen which goes on smooth and easy but still does a great job of protecting your skin. The classic lotion is the same lotion you know and love it is thick and goes on easily with slight consistency differences between the available SPF classes which are SPF 15, 50, 30, and 70.