Where are all the female superhero toys?

So, we were out looking for some Avengers toys recently, and my son is wondering why he can’t find a Black Widow Marvel Super Hero Masher.  I thought maybe they just hadn’t put it out yet, so I got my Google on and found that there is no such thing. She is also missing from all the Avengers packages of toys, the single action figures packages, and larger figurines.  What the heck?


Then he wanted a Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.  No?  None of those either?  Um, these are major characters- want to explain why there are no toys available?  At least not in the local Target or Toys R Us as of this post.


I went through all my Toy Fair photos, and there just weren’t any- at least not in “masher”, Titan Hero, or Hulk Busters lines. You know, the popular variaties?  Nor in the “dress up” or role play items like masks or other “gear”.  Know who else was missing from the “masher” line?  There will soon be a Star Wars line.  Ask me where Princess Leia is?  Not. There.

He also pointed out that there is no Spider Girl or Spider Woman in the new Web Warriors toy series.  Black Widow was also missing for the “Avengers” Potato Head pieces. Part of the reason I didn’t notice the void is because I am not an avid superhero fan, and don’t read comics or watch the TV shows and movies much.  The other part of me just didn’t notice- which is sad.  I noticed them missing from the masher line, but thought perhaps it was something weird, like they didn’t want to cross genders maybe?  But they are crossing species, flora, robots, et all with humans- as long as they are all male trees, raccoons, robots, dinosaurs, etc. Actually, the first Jurassic Park movie had all female dinosaurs (you know, for control)- so maybe the new Jurassic World mashers are female?  Hm, lets find out. So, I’m thinking Gamora’s head on Hulk’s body isn’t the worst thing in the world, right?  They are both green, after all.
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Marvel Super Hero Mashers Giveaway

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I am sure as a kid you have had the conversation of who would win in a fight?  The way this works is a few kids get into a  group an d ask who would win in a fight, this person or this person.  Usually its something like Captain America or Spider-man.  The conversation inevitably moves to the comparison to themselves with different powers using them on one another.  This mixing of powers is the central concept of Marvel Super Hero Mashers.  The new toy line takes familiar characters like The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man and gives them interchangeable limbs and torsos to the point where A single figure can sport Iron Man’s legs, Spider-Man’s arms, Hulk’s head and Captain America’s torso.

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There are approximately thirteen regular figures with which kids can switch parts with also an extra seven figures which includes accessories like missile launchers, and other battle gear to complement your hero of choice.
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