Must Have Water Toys from Swimways

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In my house we love to spend time outside, but even more importantly. We love to spend time in the water. My girls were so excited to see all of these awesome products and have been begging me to find them an indoor pool ASAP. Check out all these great products from Swimways

Aerobie Pro Ring

The thin design of this ring allows the disc to travel longer distances and it features soft edges for comfortable catches. This amazing flying disc was used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw, an amazing 1,333 feet.

The Aerobie Ring measures 13 inches in diameter.

My Thoughts: My daughters absolutely loved this toy. We recently moved to a much more open area and we have been amazed how far my girls can fly this awesome toy. I can definitely tell that we are going to need another one in our future. 

Avengers Dive Characters:

These fun dive characters are soft and flexible full-figural dive toys that look like kid’s favorite characters. Not only can your child dive for them, but they can also play with them outside of the water.

Each set includes three different characters.

My Thoughts: My nephew had a great time playing with these in the water when he was at our house over Easter. I promised him that he can play with them in our pool when he comes back this summer and he could hardly wait. 

Funny Face Swim Goggles:

Your kids will love to express their personality at the pool with these selfie-ready novelty swimming goggles, which add some fun to swim lessons and kids pool parties. The goggles feature an easy-button adjustable head strap, leak-resistant design and soft construction for a comfortable fit.

My Thoughts: My girls were so happy to have these. They have used them already at home for bath time, but they can’t wait for pool time and lake time this summer!  I think these are the cutest goggles that I have ever seen. 


These SquiDivers are soft and flexible learn to swim dive toys that wiggle and jiggle their way to the bottom of the pool, landing nose down. Their tentacles float upright making these toys easy for kids to grab. There finger holes that allow your kids to place on their finger tips for fun in or out of the pool.

My Thoughts: I can hardly wait to use these this summer. My older girls are getting pretty good at their swimming and I know they are going to love these one of a kind Squidivers. 


If you are interested in purchasing any of these awesome swim toys, head on over to Swimways and find them and everything else you need to get your child or yourself decked out for the water!

Swimways Spring Float Sundry Lounger Review and Giveaway

Disclosure- Danielle has been chosen to be a part of the Swimways Ambassador Program for the summer. The below products she did receive free of charge, but that in no way interfered with her thoughts or the information that were shared. For more information please see “Disclose” tab.
Swimways SpringfloatAs I’m sure all of you have enjoyed being outside in the sun and in the water this summer, I must admit that I to have enjoyed that aspect of my summer. I was lucky enough to be able to receive the Spring Float Sundry Lounger from Swimways.

Swimways has many wonderful water products. They have some great toys, great water tools for your children, as well as wonderful water floats/rafts for adults as well.

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Swimways Summer Swim Products in Action #Swimsteps

Danielle has been chosen to be a part of the Swimways Ambassador Program for the summer. The above products she did receive free of charge, but they in no way interfered with her thoughts or the information that were shared. For more information please see “Disclose” tab.


We have had a great deal of fun working our way through getting used to water and slowly but surely learning to swim. I couldn’t [Read more…]

Swimways Kicks Off Summer Season with ‘National Learn to Swim Day’ on Saturday, May 18th, 2013



As I am sure you remember, I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of SwimWays Swim Team ambasssador program. I am very excited to bring you information about the ‘National Learn to Swim Day‘.

National Learn To Swim Day is Saturday, May 18, 2013. This is the second annual ‘National Learn to Swim Day’. This day is all about educating parents and children about water safety. National Learn to Swim day is an opportunity for families to learn about the importance and benefits of learning to swim before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of the summer season.

Swimways encourages all families to participate in this day your own way. That could mean a variety of things: enrolling your child in local swimming instruction, hosting a group swimming lesson, or discovering the tools that Swimways provides families.

Swimways Tools:

  • Swim Steps learn-to-swim program
  • Online water safety resources

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