Zoolino from HABA Toys Review and Give it Away #German #Toys

Ready for some international fun courtesy of HABA? HABA is a great toy company from Germany that specializes in quality products at reasonable prices, with the well being of both the community and their employees (not to mention the buyers) in mind.

We are looking at the new Zoolino Magnetic Arranging Game. This game is for children aged 3 and up. The game involves using basic geometric and animal shapes to make various scenes from the enclosed booklet. Each scene easy to create and play with. The animals included (and “build-able”) are a horse, cat, rabbit, frog, and cow. These are all brightly colored, wooden, magnetic pieces which can be rearranged into all kinds of scenes. This toy is simple and to the point, which helps stimulate little minds into recognizing patterns and also creating their own. To think even further out of the bo-, since each piece is magnetic your refrigerator can also become a zoo populated by the critters. Although geared toward our very little ones, the game is still fun for children in the 5-6 range, as they can get their creative juices flowing even further.