5 Pieces of Home Technology to Invest in ASAP



Technology continues to exceed our expectations, making our lives more convenient than ever imagined. These are a few of the best home technologies that are sure to make your home life easier.

Home/Office Automation


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With all the available convenient home technological devices, it’s important to have a good home/office automatic system. Pairing these devices with Amazon Alexa or Google Home can make it easier than ever to remotely control your household. Home/office automation devices can order food for you, purchase items from Amazon, and even provide you with expected weather conditions.

Smart Thermostat

The temperature in your home affects your comfort levels, your sleep quality, and the money in your wallet. Adjusting your thermostat to automatically drop a few degrees as you and your family prepare for bed can give you a better night of sleep in the colder months. It can also significantly decrease your home utility costs. A smart thermostat also gives you the opportunity to control your temperature settings when you’re away from the house. If the house is unoccupied for many hours during the day, you can drop the temperature and then increase it on your way home.

Lucid Audio HearMuffs

Parents will do anything within their powers to protect their children from harm. Right? Right! So, if we protect our children from  … say for instance … mosquitoes or harmful UV rays … shouldn’t we also protect their precious hearing? Of course, that is why I was happy to let my one-year-old nephew try out the Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs.

Growing ears of babies and toddlers are susceptible to damage. Providing hearing protection, especially at a young age, helps to ensure optimal hearing as your child grows. HearMuffs is a protective devise that is tauted as being the most advanced hearing preservation for infants and toddlers! Sounds great, but does it work?

I used the HearMuffs at a recent Track-n-Field event where there is historically a large amount of screaming by parents who are trying to encourage their competing children … and not to mention the sudden pop of the starter’s pistol at various times. Unexpected sounds or aggressive voices startles my youngster … which leads to a crying … which leads to crankiness .. which leads to the me leaving earlier thank expected from an event. By his reactions, it is clear loud noises hurt.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbud Headphones #ad @bestbuy @Sennheiserusa #MOMENTUMTrueWireless

Disclaimer- The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

wireless earbuds

Looking for awesome new wireless headphones? Look no further.  Best Buy now has Sennheiser’s flagship MOMENTUM range of headphones, which continues to break new ground through an outstanding fusion of advanced technology, uncompromised sound performance and the highest quality materials. Now, they have the peerless MOMENTUM ethos to a breakthrough new product – the MOMENTUM True Wireless. The premium Bluetooth earbuds set new standards for audio quality, comfort and craftsmanship.

Check out John’s first solo video review, done on the Sennheiser headphones.

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

Technology has undoubtedly made learning more fun for kids today. One of our favorite toys-for-learning is The Zumo Smart Turtle Toy. The Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy is seriously the perfect gift for any children Pre-K through 3rd grade! It makes learning science and math easy and fun with its ability to engage and go at your child’s own pace.

Summer has finally come to a close and the “Summer Brain Drain”  – yes, this is a real thing – has set in. Children, especially young children, often forget things they learned during the school year, so going back can be a challenge. So using cool learning toys like Zyrobotics’ Zumo Learning System and its mobile technology can give your kids a leg up in the STEM subjects while making them fun and interactive.

Kids Learn to Love STEM with Zyrobotics’ Zumo Smart Toy

While Zumo Turtle might look like an everyday stuffed animal, as soon as kids touch his shell, reading, science, and math games come alive on the screen. These reading, math and science games are geared towards three through seven-year-olds but is great for any child needed a refresher course in one of the STEM subjects taught in school.

“We developed Zumo after years of research into understanding how to make learning accessible for young children,” said J. MacCalla, Ph.D., CEO of Zyrobotics, creator of the Zumo Learning System. “Zumo Turtle incorporates game-based learning techniques with physical movement to give children a fun, engaging and immersive way to embrace and enjoy STEM and other subjects. As STEM continues to gain importance, learning math and science early can provide a head start for children in school and help prepare them for future careers in STEM fields.  “With math in particular, tactile-based learning helps children more easily grasp abstract concepts,” MacCalla said.

HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


Laptops are a great way to keep your work with you where ever you go, from the afternoon commute to the beach- anywhere is your office.  The newest line of laptops not only run all those office applications, but also rock some excellent gaming and entertainment, giving users a real reason to bring their laptop with them on vacation. One of these new powerhouse laptops is the new AMD FX APU featured HP Envy.  The HP Envy Toushsmart 15.6″ touch screen laptop is built for multitasking and speed.  The processor makes daily tasks a breeze, as well as streaming movies, PC gaming, and loads those cat videos as fast as lightning.  The AMD FX APU makes short work of gaming and productivity applications, and all this with incredible performance to boot.  Laptops featuring the FX APU have the processing power of 10 cores, 4 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores.  The Envy also sports a 750 GB hard drive, 6 GB of RAM, and Beats Audio.  This leads to an unbelievable PC performance in gaming and entertainment, including video and music, bringing the laptop experience full circle including any application you could need (office stuff) or want (gaming stuff).

Sprint Aquos SmartPhone

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

pic2I am a Sprint Ambassador and will be sharing my experiences testing various Sprint devices and services for the remainder of the year. I bring you the hottest new Sprint devices on the market, and today we are looking at the new Sharp Aquos on the Sprint network. The Aquos has quite a few interesting characteristics to set it apart from the crowd. The most obvious is the screen. One look and you can see the screen goes all the way to the edge. No longer is there a border around your screen. This is alot more interesting and fun then you would suspect. The only downside being you will want an edgeless phone more often then not now.

pic1In addition to the new edgeless design, this phone also features an emphasis on its camera. The camera sports two 8 MP (3,264×2,448 photo resolution; [email protected] video resolution) and 1.2MP front-facing cameras (1,280×960 photo resolution; [email protected] video resolution). There is also a new mode of picture taking called night shot which makes both the subject and background brighter, for those difficult nighttime shots.

Mario Kart 7

And now, for a timely Mario Kart 7 review. Sure this review is taking place after Mario Kart 8, but something to keep in mind is that this is the 3DS’s Mario Kart, not the Wii U. So instead of huge races with tons of characters red shelling each other, you have tight turns and blood thirsty Princesses on your morning train ride.

20140919_171459Nintendo have made a new Mario Kart for every console and one of their most recent is Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS. This game sports more tracks, easy multiplayer over the internet, and a bunch of characters to zip around tracks with. As an avid Mario Kart fan, but not a very good racer, I thoroughly enjoy Mario Kart with every iteration. The fun, light hearted racing can go from item using fun at break neck speeds to nail biting close finishes in a matter of moments. Never in any series of games have I cursed so many times at so many cute characters.

Yuggler – The Family Friendly Vacation App

Finding things to do with kids can be difficult, especially if you are new to an area (or if you have been in an area for a while and seem to have done ‘everything’).  That is, unless you have a friend who knows all the great spots to go to.  There is a new app that acts as that ‘friend’, Yuggler.  Yuggler is a new way to share kid friendly activities in your area with other parents.  The beauty of the new app is its price, free.  With a smooth, easy to navigate interface, it couldn’t be easier to find the best classes, events, museums, playgrounds, and more!  There are also reviews and photos available for viewing written by other parents just like you.

pic 10

The first step to using Yuggler is to download the app, which is available for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  The nest step is to set your location then find fun things to do.  I would suggest first checking out some local stuff to get a feel for the app and what to expect.  Then bring it with you wherever you go.  On vacation, in some free time it can be interesting to check out the museums of the area or just a fun kids spot in a different state or country.  5 stars is 5 stars, especially when corroborated by others.  No matter where you are, you are almost guaranteed to find a good time for your family.  You can even promote special activities like holiday decorating, fun runs, and the like, so this acts as both a local message board as well as a reviewing platform/location sharing technique.  The possibilities are only limited by your creativity, so get looking.  The most recent update included it ability to link Pinterest to Yuggler to further expand its sharing power.