Turning Your Day Upside Down at WonderWorks #Florida #Travel

wonderworksLet your imagination run wild at WonderWorks, where there is something fun to do for any stage and any age. With over 100 hands on exhibits and attractions, you and your family will never be bored. This unique building is built to appear as though it is upside down, which has been an endless topic of conversation for my son. He was really confused, then intrigued by that. Inside, the walls appear to be broken and falling down around you, lighting is odd, and the whole building looks damaged as if by some tornado. Very interesting!

05 30 12 169One of the first things you may do when you get inside is take a spin in the “inversion tunnel” so that, once on the other side, you can spend time playing in this “upside down” building without landing on your head. (Note- while the floor doesn’t really move, it FEELS like it does- and is in fact very dizzying, lol.)

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