#Tuckerton Seaport – A Fun Day at the Jersey Shore

This is a post by my husband Ian, who took my son to Tuckerton for a fun event.

Tuckerton Seaport is a quaint little town in Central New Jersey. We were invited to the Bluegrass and Barbeque festival at the seaport which emphasized the history and fun of the area. The festival kicks off the start of summer fun at Tuckerton Seaport.

100_3966The festival includes fun food, including American BBQ and Caribbean as well as good music. There was also a musical petting zoo which let kids of all ages touch and try musical instruments of all types. Drums, washboards, guitars, even dancing marionettes were involved filling the room with noise and laughter. There were crafts and educational segments. At one experience, we were able to hunt for water bugs to measure the amount of pollution in the water. It works like this: the more polluted a body of water is, the fewer animals and bugs can survive in it. So in order to find out how polluted the water is, we had to see how many of the tiny bugs we were able to find, which is not easy in the murky, muddy water. Little Man made it his personal mission to find as many bugs as possible and ended up not only being one of the few people able to find any bugs, but the one who found the most of the day!