Little Mommy “Doctor Mommy Doll” Review #GiftGuide

When I first saw the Little Mommy “Doctor Mommy” Doll, I knew that this would be a great toy for Ella! Ella has always been all about her babies! She is almost 3, but since she turned one, she has always had a baby with her! She also lately has taken on the idea that she really really has to take care of her babies. She has to tuck them in at bedtime! Sometimes she has to take them to the doctor. And she always has to feed them and take them for walks!

Her love of babies became even more aware to us after we brought home her little sister! She became even more aware of all the things you have to do to take care of your babies!

This doll has been a hit with Ella! She is definitely playing up her mommy skills, as well as her doctor skills when she plays with her!

Information About Little Mommy Doctor Mommy:

This adorable interactive doll offers young girls lots of nurturing fun. When kids give this baby checkups with the included medical instruments, the Little Mommy Doctor Doll responds with cute sounds and phrases. Girls will enjoy teaching their doll to be a big girl, just like them, and moms will love that the doll helps girls feel more comfortable about visiting the doctor.

  • Doll Responds with Several Sounds & Phrases
  • You can check the doll’s temperature, throat, heartbeat, and reflexes
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