Miles from Tomorrowland Season 2 Space Adventures

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Miles From Tomorrowland has always been a favorite in our household! My girls have been anxiously looking forward to the premiere of Season 2 starting. With Season 2 starting comes a new great line of toys that every Miles fan is going to love.

About the Miles From Tomorrowland Season 2 Toys:

TOMY brings storytelling and space adventure to life with its innovative toy line that captures the sense of wonder and exploration from the Disney Junior TV series “Miles from Tomorrowland.” The product line encourages STEAM learning, and features evergreen play patterns that kids can use to recreate adventures from the TV episodes or to discover new stories for Miles and his family and friends.


About the Toys:

Photon FlyerThis great toy was built by Miles Callisto for a space race derby. It has now become Miles’ go-to mode of transportation. Miles can get anywhere in the galaxy in a flash with the super speed of the Photon Flyer. All you need to do to activate hyper speed mode is pull forward on the nose of the ship and race off after your target. You can turn on the hard light wings with the push of a button. If your race or mission requires surface exploration push back the hard light wings to drive around in surface mode.

This great toy transforms into 3 modes: surface mode, space mode, and hyperspeed mode.

Miles From Tomorrowland, HarunaHaruna is Miles Calisto’s best friend from Earth. Haruna and Miles go way back and even learned to skateboard together when they were in kindergarten. Haruna still loves riding his skateboard, even in outer space. The Haruna action figure, with poseable arms and legs, can practice awesome moves on his skateboard accessory with rolling wheels.

Gadfly’s Scourge Vehicle: On his quest to steal the Rift Drive, galactic space theif Gadfly needs his ship, the Scourge, to make his get away from the Space Guard Police Force. The Scourge ship makes it easy to steal the rift drive with a grappling claw that extends from the bottom of the ship to pick up the included rift drive. Launch flash beams at any enemies coming your way as Gadfly zooms off.

Miles From Tomorrowland, Prince Rygan: Prince Rygan is the sole heir to the throne of the empire of the Dethalian Race. But Prince Rygan likes nothing better than hanging out with Miles Callisto playing a game of Kalok. Even though his mother, Queen Gemma, is very strict, Rygan has a way of charming her to get his way. He’s adventurous like Miles and is always ready to get into and out of trouble with Miles. The Prince Rygan action figure, with articulated arms and legs, can keep up with Miles on any adventure on his super cool Dethalian Blast Board accessory.


My Thoughts:

My daughters have had a blast playing with these awesome toys. They love shooting from Gadfly’s Scourge Vehicle, and they absolutely love lighting up the Photon Flyer. The toys are a great way to ring in the new season. I know that they are a great way to pump up any Miles Lover and prepare them for the wonderful Season 2 that is in store.