Pokemon Toys by TOMY


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Pokemon-mania is ramping up once again across the globe and to celebrate we are going to highlight a few of our favorite Poke-toys. We are looking at few gems from the Pokemon Black and White collection by TOMY, including the Pokedex Trainer Kit, plush Pikachu, and the small figure packs.

pokemon toys

First up is the Pokedex Trainer kit. This product is great for your little trainer. It includes the finger-less glove, just like Ash. A Pokeball with belt clip so you are always ready for a battle, a two inch figure for mentioned Pokeball and the icing on the cake a Pokedex. This Pokedex carries small info cards which come with the two inch figures, and sport a moving Pokemon flicker animation, stats and a bright illustration of a Pokemon. The Pokedex also sports a card shuffler and slide open feature. All together this kit is great fun for little ones, all you need is a hat like Ash and you pretty much have a full on Ash Ketchum costume as well.

Feed the Woozle: A Fun Game for Preschoolers #GiftGuide

Feed the… what? Yep, you read that right! Feed the Woozle, a fun preschool game from Peaceable Kingdom, arrived at our house a few weeks ago! While the game is specifically made for preschoolers, my girls (school-aged) had fun trying it out anyway. Actually, we all had fun because it was entertaining to watch the girls jump around and do the tasks specified by the game!

Feed the Woozle

Finding a fun gift for under $20 is hard to do, especially in this day and age with iPods, iPads, and every other “i” gadget you could think of, it’s time to step back and relax a bit. Remember the day when you’d sit down with your family and play a board game? We have Family Game Night every Friday night and are constantly looking for new games to play. The same ol’ same ol’ gets a little boring.

feed the woozle

Discovering a game that both boys and girls enjoy can also be a difficult task! When you get games like Race to the Treasure and Feed the Woozle, your kids will be excited to find out what canadian generic viagra on line if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link64″).style.display=”none”;} is going to come next!

Beanie- My 1st Story- Jack & the Beanstalk Review and Give it Away #GiftGuide

Reading to your kids has been proven to blossom your little ones into little readers in ways teaching can not and between this and setting a good example and reading yourself, your kids minds will constantly grow and expand. But there is an age old problem parents have, and that is, what to read? There are billions of books available, many of which have stunning stories. But the real trick is to find a book which is both interesting to your kids and to yourself. I personally love nostalgia, the times of being a kid are always get to recollect. One of the most fun ways to do this is with classic stories and fairy tales.

The problem being, most kids have heard them all, in one manner or another and are bored of them. Almost able to recite them by heart. So why not take a step into the 21st century with My1story. These are brand new stories based on classic stories, like Jack and the Beanstalk, Humpty Dumpty and Little Red Riding Hood. Written from a brand new perspective with new bed time friendly themes. No longer is Jack chased down the bean stalk by a big scary giant, now Jack accidentally ‘borrows’ Beanie’s friend Goosey. Beanie being a kid-giant, so he isn’t mean and scary, just friendly and playful. The story does have a conflict and a resolution but all are easy going and by done with well before the end of the story so there is very little room for anxiety or stress. Especially for little ones who are particularly sensitive. Little Man is particular sensitive to stressful stories and often times when reading’ classic’ stories there has to be some censoring on our part. The story stays pretty much the same except instead of getting killed or maimed, they are tired and go to sleep or are left alone. This kind of destroys the flow of the story but in the end makes for an easier transition into sleep. This also takes away from the fun of the story and can be a bit jarring for the reader.

Furby and K-Mart’s Fab 15

There is a new toy in town, one that looks very familiar to many of us. The Furby, but the newest generation of Furby is more interactive, more digital, and talks quite a bit more. Furby is the original robotic pet, first introduced to us in 1998 and was immediately the must have toy of the holiday season. Furbies were in play rooms, living rooms, and even offices. I personally have 2, the one on the right and a white one that is currently lost in Little’s room. They were to so prevalent in offices that the NSA forbid them from being brought into their own offices for fears of it recording and learning national secrets. This is not really a valid concern as Furby’s do no record anything, but it’s funny! Ah, government….

The early generation Furby’s learned, talked and interacted with the person playing with it. They are learning based directly on the level of interaction and time spent with the Furby. The newest generation of Furbies work in a similar manner, but updated and with newer tech and more attitude. The tech includes an app to feed and play with your Furby, brand new LCD screen eyes which give you a peak into the Furby’s thoughts with a ton of emotion and meaning behind each pixel. These eyes are (to daddy) a welcome change to the original Furby which had big realistic eyes that kind of freaked him out a bit.The newest additions include more emotions and a more attitude driven play experience. Instead of simple action -reaction play there is action-emotion driven reaction. What this means is, if your Furby doesn’t like music and you play music for her, she will become aggravated and be mad at you. If you continue being inattentive to Furby’s needs, the Furby will get angrier. It is amazing how much this little fluffy ball of circuits, motors and screens can mimic a real pet.

Rufus the Red Monkey – Monkeez Make a Difference #SockMonkey

We are always looking for ways for Little Man to be able to express his more sensitive side. The Little guy wants to help everyone possible all the time, and an important part of helping others is getting that feeling of actually helping. This can be in the form of meeting someone new, a smiling face, or even a heartfelt thank you. Yes, I know you can’t do something philanthropic for the reason of getting recognized for doing it- that is just wrong. But it’s nice to hear “thank you”, isn’t it? Especially for a child who is learning to express himself, social awareness, and care for others as he does himself.

We are also huge fans of companies (big or small) who try to make the world a better place then they found it. The creators of Monkeez and Friends are one of those companies. The idea behind their newest line of toys Monkeez Makes a Difference is to teach kids how to help others in different ways while still having fun and enjoying yourself. Getting recognized for helping, being generous and sharing. The way they do this is through codes included with their toys which can be used by your child to donate 10% of the wholesale cost of goods to the charity that your their choice. After watching three short videos your child then selects which of the three foundations the funds will be donated to. This not only shows your child exactly how they are helping someone else but also that every little bit helps and adds up if everyone pitches in.

Legos- Fun for Fall

Ahh, it’s a scary LEGO! Yes, the scariest LEGO of them all- the dreaded small brick sitting sideways in the middle of the carpet at night. This evil beast loves to roll around your floors while everyone is sleeping and wait for an unsuspecting bare foot to trample it, thus giving it it’s sustenance- profanities. The choicest cuts being those spewed at 2:00 am on the way to the bathroom. Up until now there was no one to help you fight these beasts, but fret no longer, the Monster Fighters are here! Just kidding. Sort of. 😛

The Monster Fighters are actually here to fight Lord Vampyre in his quest to collect all the moonstones and block out the sun thus letting the monsters spread across the land. This newest line involved eight Lego construction sets ranging form the colossal Vampyre castle to the Werewolf Ambush. As always Lego has the fun of building with the quirky fun of Lego, sly smiles and gnarly monsters make for a very good Lego set. We had the chance to try out the Werewolf set which included two mini-figs, the werewolf and Major Quinton Steele. Both of which include a ton of accessories like claws and weapons. There is also a special werewolf launching ambush tree and the Major’s hot rod which is a really nice addition. A great set to get you a good feel for the new line of Monster Fighters.

Pony Royale – Ponies with Mix and Match Manes

Update- with new Time To Play photos

Once Upon a Time….

…has got to be one of the best way to begin a story, and that is the way the story of the Pony Royale toys start. Every month for a year, a beautiful princess was born, and was given a gorgeous crown with a birthstone in it. At the time of each birth, a majestic pony was also born who had the same jewel in her forehead, thus bringing about the Pony Royale kingdom. The ponies were then given a magical forest to play in. And play they did. And now it is your turn to play. Each Pony Royale comes with changeable fashion and hair styles including two Change-It-Up hairstyles and brushes. These ponies are have a articulated head giving you the ability to give her all sorts of elegant poses. When bringing together two ponies there are 60+ fashion possibilities for your princesses.

VTech Switch and Go Dinos @vtechtoys

Want to see a cool new toy that is both a dinosaur and a vehicle? It is way cooler then you are thinking- even if what you are thinking is very cool.

Take a look at these nifty new VTech Switch & Go Dinos. Each dinosaur can be changed from a dinosaur that roars and gives Dino-facts into a driver/pilot in a vehicle saying cool driver things like “Saddle Up, Partner!” There are at a minimum 10 phrases per Dinosaur for the starter Dino’s, and at the high end, 40 for Brok, the biggest of the crew.

These Dino’s are big. Brock is the largest, and he is very pliable for a transforming toy that is still transformable for little hands. This is a big deal, because as transforming toys go- the bigger they are, in general- the more complex the transformation often times is, frustrating little ones and leaving them with either broken toys or a lack of interest. It is very nice to see a big Dino transforming into a truck in 7 easy steps. Going from Dino roaring, into truck revving, in a matter of minutes. Little Man had a blast changing back and forth, and after a few times watching daddy change it, he was able to all by himself.