Ways To Choose Best Hotel For Family Vacation

Planning for your vacation has been long overdue. The hard core work hours and unending meeting is getting on your nerves and you need to get some relief from that. A proper vacation with your family or friends can do the trick and let you enjoy some time away from work and hassle of daily lifestyle. In fact, it is must for every family to go on a vacation once in a year or maybe two, if you have that opportunity. So, you have decided for a short trip and have already chosen the place. Now, the next question is about hotel. The tourist attraction places have so many hotels that choosing the bet one seems difficult. There are some points, which might help you to select the best hotel in town, without even wasting more than your set rates on that.

Tips to consider:

Always remember to jot these points down before you finally book a room in your selected hotel. It is better to start early, maybe 6 months minimum, if you are planning to go for a trip during season. When it comes to off-season, you might get some discounts on hotels too and won’t find it difficult to book a room.


  • Be sure of the mattresses:


After a long day at tourist attraction sites, you will come back to your hotel for a good night sleep. You need to gain energy for the next day’s trip. Unless you have a proper bed and soft mattresses, it becomes rather difficult to get a good sleep. Too hard or soft mattress won’t do it good. Your hotel mattress should be of the accurate software, which can take the shape of your body when you sleep on it. Once the mattress takes shape of your body, you won’t feel any pain and can drift into deep slumber. Foamy mattresses are the best ones to choose.

Top 5 RV Stops From Indianapolis To Los Angeles


For ambitious travelers looking to make a long, multi-night RV trip that will take in many different parts of the country, a drive from Indianapolis to Los Angeles is the perfect route. Not only does this drive take in the legendary regions of the Midwest, the mountains and deserts of the west, and the subtropical splendor of southern California but it also offers many activities and places to stop along the way. If you’ve never taken this route before, then you should seriously consider it for your next RV rental journey. When mapping out your route, make sure to pencil in these five stops.


Kansas City


A true jewel of the Midwest, Kansas city is the perfect stop if you want to get a good feel for the region. Here you will find a sparkling, lively city full of great places to eat, shop, and sightsee. Downtown Kansas City is home to a number of restaurants, from high end establishments to down home American comfort food to top rated food trucks, to sample after some hard days on the road. You can also get in some shopping, as Kansas City is host to everything from name brand, high-end stores to funky boutiques. You will be surprised to find just how lively, scenic, and friendly this top Midwestern city is.


Kansas City is also a terrific base for exploring the terrain of the Midwest. Just outside city limits lies the many miles of flat farmland that have made the Midwest legendary. No matter which direction you travel in, you will have wide open skies, many miles of scenic farmlands, and a number of quant farm towns along the way. Anyone looking for a great taste of the Midwest should certainly consider Kansas City for their route.




As you continue on your RV rental journey, you will pass through the Midwest and into the rocky regions of the West. Anyone looking to plan the most scenic route will want to head through the gorgeous and unique state of Colorado. Colorado features stunning mountain ranges including The Rockies, vast meadows and forests, and many interesting and lively cities and towns. A great place to stop is in Denver where you will be treated to the best of both worlds. Firstly, Denver offers a ton of natural beauty with towering mountains visible from nearly all points of the city and wonderful hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more just a short drive from the downtown area. Second, the city itself is a pretty, lively, modern place with a wide variety of nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment available on any given day or night.

Adventures of a Tour of New York City

hop on hop off

As far as vacation spots are concerned, you really can’t do much better than New York. This boisterous city has it all – art, technology, and even plenty of spaces where Nature runs things; such as Central Park and Sakura Park. Most people who’ve been here once make it a point to return, as places such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Frick Collection can consume the bulk of a single visit all by themselves. The following tour of New York City is just a blip on the screen of what the Big Apple truly has to offer – but it’s a good start, at least.


Central Park


If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, then New York’s Central Park is one of the places you must visit. Unique in the sheer expansiveness it manages in the midst of a boisterous city, it’s also a slice of history with the attractions from the War of 1812 and the mysterious Belvedere Castle on the grounds.


You might enjoy activities as simply as people-watching and socializing in the 15 acres that defines Sheep Meadow, a verdant green clearing in the foreground of soaring buildings rising above the trees that encircle. While here, check out the beauty and serenity of Shakespeare’s Garden.

If you’re in it for more active fair, check out ice skating at Wollman Rink or try your hand at rowing on Central Park’s Lake. Then, of course, there’s the Central Park Zoo that houses exotic animals from the temperate, tropical and polar zones of the planet. That means there’s a polar bear, mountain goats and even sea lions inside.

5 Reasons to Plan a Holiday in Mykonos in 2018

If you’re planning on visiting Greece during the 2018 holiday season, a trip to the picturesque island of Mykonos might just be a perfect choice. Known as one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s home to spectacular scenery, architecture, and culture. Indeed, it seems it would be impossible to ever be bored on this tiny paradise in the South Aegean.

Combining a history that spans as far back as the 11th century BC, with highly modern amenities and a bustling club scene, this is one place that you won’t want to leave out on your next trip to Greece. More specifically, here are five reasons to consider planning a 2018 holiday in Mykonos:


  • 1. Unforgettable Beaches


When it comes to finding exotic, legendary white sand beaches with pristine blue waters and horizons that stretch as far as the eye can see, there are few places on Earth that can compete with the Island of the Winds. The temperate climate and frequent breeze make for a surreal shoreside experience every time, and it’s usually easy to find a Mykonos villa rental perched right on the water. Some of the best beaches in the area include Ornos, Psarrou, Agios Ioannis, Agia Anna, and Paraga.


  • 2. Incredible Partying


When the sun goes down and it’s time to let loose, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than right in the middle of Mykonos’ club scene. With some of the world’s best 5-star bars, clubs, and restaurants, the island is known as a Mecca for having fun and getting to know new people. From upscale and classy spots like the Caprice to enormously wild beach parties at Super Paradise, there’s sure to be a celebration to suit every preference on any night of the week.

The top 5 coastal places in the world to go on holiday

If you are looking to travel the world, then nothing beats a coastal destination. That’s because coastal destinations not only give you an unparalleled view of the seas but also allow you to try out different water activities like swimming, kayaking, and deep sea diving.  To make your travels around the world memorable, we have compiled for you a list of the top 5 coastal places in the world to go on holiday.


  1. Pembrokeshire in the United Kingdom

Pembrokeshire offers holidaymakers a wide choice of seaside accommodation. For starters, you will get to enjoy a beautiful beach front view from some of the finest cottages in the world. Pembrokeshire also offers you access to amazing hotel such as those in Tenby. Hotels in Tenby sit right on the beach giving you an unparalleled view of the sea, right from your hotel room. Pembrokeshire also gives you access to world-class self-catering services, where you get to taste the best British cuisine.


  1. Costa del Sol Spain

Costa del Sol offers visitors one of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. From this location, you can see North Africa on the horizon, which is quite an incredible view. On top of that, Costa del Sol is a melting pot of cultures ranging from European, Arab to African culture. By spending time here, you will get to learn a lot about world history. All of this while still enjoying the magnificent view of the sea from Col del Sol’s warm Mediterranean beaches.

Why Camping Should Be Your Next Romantic Getaway

So you’ve managed to snag a babysitter for the weekend and you and your significant other are suddenly faced with the rare opportunity to get away for a quiet adults-only weekend. You want to plan something romantic but it needs to fit your very large list of criteria – cost-effective, won’t take long to get there, can be done in a weekend, etc.

Maybe you and your spouse have done the spa trip before, done the bed and breakfast, and have even done the stay-cation. If that’s the case, it’s time to step out of the norm and look at a romantic getaway in a whole new light. It may be time to consider camping as the perfect solution for your romantic getaway, and here are the top reasons why.

A Private Adventure for Two

The whole point of a romantic getaway is to give the two of you a chance to enjoy alone time. It’s a time without interruptions from kids, work, and life in general. There is no better way to do that than by trekking out in the woods just the two of you. You’ll get to embark on an exciting and relaxing journey together, free of the outside stressors of daily life. Think about it, when’s the last time it was just the two of you with no-one else around?

3 Tips to traveling to the Sahara Desert with family

Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world. In fact, it’s almost as big as the United States mainland! The desert boasts of breathtaking features and an inviting scenery that deserves to be viewed at least once in a lifetime. Planning a trip to the Sahara Desert with family is a splendid idea. You can view the subterranean aquifers, intermittent streams and oases that satiate the landscape.

There are numerous salt lakes and volcanic hills in the Sahara Desert as well. River Nile, the longest flowing river around the globe, is located in this desert. Along its banks are beautiful olive trees and cluttered settlements, truly a sight to behold.

Here are 3 tips to use while travelling in the Sahara Desert with family:


  • Plan your finances beforehand


Before heading out to the Sahara Desert, first establish how much money you need for the entire expedition. Good news is, travelling to the Sahara isn’t half as expensive as travelling to other landmarks. You can book a two-night trip for less than $150. However, the trick is to book beforehand. Planning an excursion in the Sahara Desert is the perfect opportunity to bring the entire family together, even when your budget is tight.

Study Customs Before Visiting The Middle East

Before you travel to the Middle East, it is recommended that you study up on some of the standard customs of the region so that you do not insult your hosts while you are there. What can you or cannot do, while visiting the region could save you a lot of embarrassment and even a lot of trouble.

Here are some guidelines and some of the reasons behind them. Remember local customs are built on ancient beliefs and dogma, so don’t expect to win any arguments over how to dress or how to behave. Even through modern times, some Islamic countries use Islamic law (Sharia), which goes all the way back to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” If you want to test that, you will be woefully sorry you did. These are the types of laws that allow authorities to cut off the hands of shoplifters or stone adulterers to death.

While this sounds scary, most visitors to the Middle East find the most hospitable, kind, generous people they will ever meet in their lives. The same strict Islamic doctrines hold that you treat people with the utmost respect and help your fellow citizens when they are in need. You will meet people who offer strangers the shirt off their backs – not literally, of course – which is a custom born of the region’s harsh environment.

Meanwhile, modern standards are making in-roads into Middle Eastern cultures. You will not find pork on any restaurant menus in the region, but you will, on occasion, find alcohol served in very measured instances – an aperitif before or during dinner in someone’s home, for example. Rarely, if ever, will you ever see a glass of wine or imported alcohol. But the Internet is available in many places and country’s like the United Arab Emirates are as modern and up to date as their neighbors may be holding onto ancient traditions. For example, search through  https://golfscape.com/united-arab-emirates/dubai-golf-courses and you will find some of the world’s most scenic golf courses in the world, including, that’s right, the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, where it costs about $250 for eighteen holes.

Of course, there’s more than golf available for the modern traveler in Dubai. You can rip up the dunes on a Dubai Red Dunes Safari, which includes a barbecue and sand boarding in the desert. You can also visit the famous Dubai fountains, put together by the same water-sculpting experts as those who created the Las Vegas fountain show.