Aussies will compete with the US and China in terms of gaming tourism


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The USA and Macau are surely leaders in Gaming tourism, but lately, Australia is competing with them in it.


Many countries, including the USA, Macau and Australia develop casinos within their bounds to get more tourists to come in, which is profitable for the economy as it brings in not only more money but also more recognition and potential investors.


Australia is an honored gaming and betting destination by international and local gamers as well. Australian Casinos are among the top tourist attractions of the country and draw up to 11 million tourists yearly.


Many casinos in Australia have a large number of local clients as well. Aussies spend over $20 billion on gaming annually.

The Biggest Advantages of Australian Casino Tourism

The very first reason why customers prefer Australian Casinos must be their tax policy. All Australian Casinos pay casino taxes, while in America, gamers have to pay the taxes out of their winnings.


Another advantage is that these 24/7 Casinos offer great restaurants and bars, as well as entertainment and luxury hotel rooms. Accordingly, they represent the best casinos for all your gaming needs!


The best places to gamble in Australia varies according to several key factors – location, type of gaming, and where Australia’s biggest casino wins have taken place.

Escape asphalt jungle of Dubai and drive across endless sands of UAE deserts

The spectacular and mysterious Arabian desert is a landmark of the UAE, its treasure and its heritage. 80% of the country is covered with vast kilometres of infinity sands. 

The UAE is a ‘mecca’ for safari-lovers and adventure-seekers, eager to ride through velvet sands and dunes. 

The Arabian desert is home to hundreds of rare and unique animal species, from elegant gazelle to kinglike oryx. Animal-lovers from all over the world come to the UAE for an unforgettable safari adventure and a journey into desert wildlife. 

You can spot dozens of natural species during your ride across the enigmatic desert. Tour operators of the UAE offer a great variety of safari tours, which are rather costly for a budget traveller. Renting a car and going on a safari yourself is a much cheaper option, while it is still safe and comfortable, one can rent a car in Dubai. Just remember to take a 4×4 and embark on an unforgettable safari experience! 

Deserts of UAE have preserved biodiversity and natural beauty giving life to incredible and unique natural creatures. Here are some of them you can spot while riding across the country:

Mountain Gazelle and Sand Gazelle 

A minor part of UAE is a mountain land inhabited by mountain gazelles, while their “sisters”, princely sand gazelles live in the desert habitat. Graceful, fast and beautiful gazelles are rare and endangered species: due to illegal seizures and hunting, their overall population barely reaches 1000. 

Spend your vacation in Mykonos with luxury and elegance

When you think of Mykonos, the pictures that come to your mind are full of elegance and luxury. This island has managed to completely absorb these two words into the magnificent Greek summer.

Here is a short check list of things you should include in your trip to Mykonos, to make your vacations dreamy.

  • Stay at a luxury private villa


There are a lot of private villas in Mykonos available for rent – and the reason is that there is a really high demand for privacy and luxury. Mykonos Luxury Villas are usually equipped with everything you may need to spend your vacations like a celebrity. Swimming pools, amazing gardens, spacious rooms and stylish decoration make a villa for rent in Mykonos the perfect accommodation for you and your friends.

Most of the villas are located near the best beaches of the island but in a good distance from them so that their guests have the privacy and serenity they wish. The number of bedrooms varies from 2 to 15 in some villas complexes so it is easy to find what suits you best. There are some wonderful Mykonos Villas around Mykonos Town as well.


  • Rent a luxury car with an experienced chauffer


The best and most cozy way to move around the island is renting a luxury car. You will need to book your transportation, especially if you plan to spend your nights visiting different clubs and your days sunbathing at different beaches. 

Luxury cars have their own private drivers. Your driver will be ready whenever you need him, happy to drive you safely everywhere you wish. Having your own private chauffer means also you can drink as much as you want not worrying about how you will be able to drive back to your hotel or villa. Your experienced chauffer knows all the roads very well so you will not have to worry about getting lost or where to park either.

Atlantis, Paradise Island @Bahamas

With the winter winds blowing, you might be thinking about getting away to someplace warm.  Atlantis, Paradise Island is a great place for the whole family. Once you are there to experience the resort’s new family-centric Coral hotel and activities.
There are so many direct flights from to Nassau, getting to the Bahamas is easier then ever.
They offer some activities that are really out-of-the-box, fun and engaging. They offer all sorts of ways to help younger ones understand human impact on marine life, and show the value of research and conservation, all while having fun together as a family. Of course, a portion of all proceeds from activity costs go toward the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, which helps fund these conservation efforts.

The Coral (formerly Coral Towers): Atlantis‘ new family-centric hotel has re-opened following a year-long renovation / revamp:

  • New lobby and guestroom design – Guests can enjoy dessert in the new local Bahamian lobby gelateria (Sun & Ice) and avoid other “hangry” moments by pre-purchasing snacks to be set up in the in-room refrigerator
  • A Kids Concierge is available exclusively to guests of The Coral for kids to customize their vacation experience — think reserving AKA experiences, scheduling family swims at Dolphin Cay and access to kids menus at the various dining venues on property.Babysitting Services can be booked through the Family Trip Planner once on property. All sitters are CPR certified, have childcare qualifications, and have received a thorough background and security check.

Baby Sea Turtle programming at Atlantis @Bahamas

baby sea turtles
August and September are Baby Sea Turtle months at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Every other year, a female lays up to 200 soft -shelled eggs and only about 2 or 3 are expected to live. Atlantis’ Blue Project actively breeds and releases the endangered green sea turtle, and to date over 700 hatchlings have been returned to the ocean that will help increase wild populations.
Guests can take part in a behind- the-scenes tour of the resort’s aquarium, fish hospital and meet with one of the resort’s 165 scientists full time marine biologists, aquarists, veterinarians, lab technicians and water safety specialists; where they will learn more about Atlantis Blue Project’s commitment to conservation. They can also take part of a mature turtle release – as part of the process, guests will name the turtle, ride a motorboat to the nearby release location, and be in the waters during the release. Snorkel equipment is included.  A portion of the proceeds from the experience goes back to the Atlantis Blue Project. The turtle release experience costs $1,250 for up to four people.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mt. Abu

The state of Rajasthan does beckon travelers from all over the world to visit it at least once in their lifetime. This state does boast of having a rich culture, heritage, history and the people here are quite friendly and welcoming. One such place in Rajasthan that is in itself a great place to visit and has plenty of interesting activities around is Mt. Abu. This scenic hill station is without a doubt among the most visited places in the country. It boasts of having a cool atmosphere and lush greenery all around, something that is really amazing, given the fact that Rajasthan is more of a desert state.

Interesting places to visit

Dilwara Temples: It is an important pilgrimage center for the Jains and is also an enchanting site that draws tourists from all religions. This beautifully decorated temple is the effort of Vastupal Tejpal and was built between 11th & 13th There has been used marble liberally and the temple is adorned with intricate carvings. You can come across amazing designs that are etched upon the temple columns, walls, and roofs. There are 5 temples in this temple complex, namely, Mahavir Swami Temple, Vimal Vasahi, Pittalhar, Luna Vasahi, and Parsavanath. It is located 2km from the city and is visited throughout the year.

Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University: It is a spiritual and international organization established by the great Dada Lekhraj Kripalani. You can find yogis in large numbers visiting this place from everywhere. It also houses the meditation place of Dada Lekhraj and is referred to as the ‘Baba’s hut’. Here, you can learn Raja Yoga meditation. The university boasts of having a worldwide following of 8,500+ centers spread across 100 countries globally. It is located 5 km away from the city and is of great interest to spiritual pursuits. You can visit this university at any time of the year.

Universal Peace Hall: It is also called Om Shanti Bhawan. Built within the Brahma Kumari Spiritual University, it is the main hall here, established in 1983 to accommodate 5,000 people at any point in time. there are conducted transactions in about 16 languages simultaneously, as numerous functions are held at this hall. It is presently declared as a tourist place and also is a venue to hold international and spiritual conferences. It is located about 1km away from the city and is quite ideal for those who are spiritually inclined. It is better visited during the monsoons between November & March.

Avoid Common Road Trip Emergencies

Avoid Breakdowns, Weather Hazards, and Other Common Road Trip Emergencies

Are you ready for that next road trip, to feel the wind in your hair with music blasting as your car cruises the highway? If so, then it is time to pull the Jeep Wrangler cover off and get your vehicle travel-worthy. There are several ways that you will be able to avoid breakdowns, weather hazards, and other road emergencies that could dampen your trip and cause unwanted extra expense. Here are some important details that will help make sure you are ready to hit the road and find your next adventure.

One of the first things that you should do when you decide it is time to travel is to give your car a once over. Check the lights, oil, antifreeze, tire pressure, horn, and wipers. If you need to add fluid or replace one of these parts, then you may be able to take a trip to the local auto store and get what you need. While you are there you may want to have them check your fuses and other electric equipment. Most auto stores offer this convenience for free. 

If you feel you need professional assistance to repair a concern, this would be a good time to take it to your local mechanic to make any repairs and check bigger issues such as brakes, transmission, and the heat and air in your car.

Next, check your legalities. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date and includes collision, roadside assistance, uninsured motorist coverage, and/or comprehensive insurance. You need to make sure that you have not missed registration and that your car is legal to be driven. 

Plan A Fairy Tale Wedding In Bali

It is every girl’s dream to one day walk down the aisle with her dad on her left, and at the front stands her prince charming. The guests are smiling, others staring mesmerized by her custom-made wedding dress, and a merry filled air to top it all up. Nuptial celebrations are, without a doubt, one of the unique parts of our lives. The scene you also choose to commemorate this special occasion also takes up a massive part of the dream. And the Bali Island in Indonesia is the perfect spot to go engaged and leave united to your betrothed.

Well, without further ado, let us take a sneak peek into the whimsical wedding packages available for you and your lover.


  • Yacht wedding Bali


The open sea waters are very enchanting and very relaxing. And unquestionably, one of the best panoramas to make up the background of your wedding photos. For this package, you get a free consultation with an expert wedding planner to go through your preferences for the ceremony. In addition to that, you get a pre-wedding meeting presentation and a complimentary bridal preparation room. During the preparation, you get a photographer, a make-up artist, and a personal butler to cater to your every need. You also get a commemorative certificate, among other amazing features. All these on a yacht! Quite marvelous right?