Child-friendly travel: The initial checklist

There was once a time where travel was a simple affair. Then, the kids came.

Few would disagree that this brings a different complexity to enjoying your holiday. Now, you’re perhaps not choosing destinations based on vibrant nightlife, but more on what it takes to keep the little ones happy.

Of course, planning such a getaway is easier said than done. This is what today’s guide is all about, as we look at four areas you should be looking to keep on top of as you plan your child-friendly holiday.

Consider Cities Like Portsmouth

If you are planning a trip to the UK, you might have your heart set on London – and this isn’t a surprise.

However, when traveling with your little ones, a degree of common sense needs to enter the picture. It’s cities like London which bring crowds of tourists and if your family is young, this is something that is going to be difficult, and stressful, to deal with.

It means that this presents the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. Consider somewhere like Portsmouth, which still has plenty to do but without the tourist-heavy crowds which can really weigh your trip down.

Stay longer in each location

For those of you who might be looking at staying in several locations across your trip, this point is for you.

8 Best Ways to Spend Time While Travelling as a Student

Although travelling is considered valuable experience for every individual regardless of age, for a college student, there is much more to it than it may seem. It is believed that travelling while being an undergrad brings more benefits. It helps young people gain new perspectives, grow as individuals, develop confidence and compassion, as well as achieve more independence. Sounds like a good deal, right? 

Now, what if we tell you that students can get even more benefits from their trips with a few simple tips? In this article, we are going to tell you how to spend your time abroad most effectively.

Top Travel Tips for Students


Do you want to travel with purpose and get the most of these experiences? Here are some of the most fun and beneficial ideas on how to spend your time on trips:


Excursions and Tours


One of the most obvious but yet effective ways to spend time abroad is to take free (or paid) excursions around the chosen destination. Every touristic city offers a lot of tours, both walking, and on wheels. So we call for students to consider those. Attending famous sights, visiting galleries and museums, learning a bit more about the history of the place history, and just enjoying the unique architecture of your destination will help you spend marvellous time while travelling as a student!


Take a Language Course


One of the best ways to explore new countries and their culture, at the same time, achieving the most benefit of your trip is to study a local language. Taking a language course in the state of its origin will help you spend time with purpose and understand the culture better! Finally, knowing a foreign language will be a great benefit to your future employment.


Blend in the Local Culture


One of the biggest benefits of travelling is that it allows people to learn about new cultures from the inside. Thus, one of the best ideas for students’ pastime abroad is to really integrate into the local culture. There are quite many ways of doing this. For example, attending local festivals and other cultural events may be a good idea. Also, students can try a new cuisine, take tours to culturally-important sights, etc.

Why Cruising is the Perfect Vacation Choice for Any Season

When you hear the term “cruise,” you may envision an expensive, warm weather vacation that honeymooners take to tropical locations.

And while you can certainly find cruises ideal for love birds and which feature plenty of sun-soaked days on an expensive ship with stops at pristine beaches, cruising is a much more well-rounded vacation option than you may realize.

As for how and why cruising is practical for any time of the year — and ideal for groups of any size and with varying budgets — consider the following:

Cruise Ships Travel the World Over

If you want to relax in the warm sun, both on board the ship and at tropical ports of call, by all means book a cruise to Mexico, the Caribbean or the South Pacific. However, there are plenty of other options that will allow you to see gorgeous parts of the world while wearing something other than a swimsuit.

For example, Princess offers a number of Alaska cruise packages that are available for any season. So, if you’ve saved up some have vacation time for the winter and want to experience glaciers, wildlife and national parks, this type of cruise will be perfect for you.

Bottom line: If you pack the right type of apparel, cruises are an ideal travel option regardless of when and where you go.

Cruises Offer Great Value

Taking a cruise doesn’t have to be a budget-busting experience. In fact, they tend to be the perfect choice for money-conscious vacationers. Even the shortest vacation can get pricey when you factor in airfare, hotel stays, meals and other costs. But when you book a cruise, just about everything is all-inclusive. Better yet, some cruise packages include airfare, which makes them an extra-attractive option for people on a budget.

Going on a Cruise Out of Miami? Read This Guide!

A cruise out of Miami is the most relaxing way to unwind during the spring or summer. When you step out on the deck during the cruise, you’ll feel ocean breezes as the ship sails to its destination. A good Miami cruise will give you endless attractions to enjoy, both on the ship and in various cities by its ports of call. If you’ve never been, you really are missing out because a good cruise is a vacation unlike any other. In this guide, you’ll learn how to prepare for a short or long cruise after arriving in Miami.


Transportation Around Miami Before the Cruise


The best way to travel around Miami before a cruise is by using public transportation. When you need to visit a store or restaurant, hop on a bus. You get to see the city from a unique perspective, plus it’s only $2 to ride a bus in Miami. Miami can be an expensive place to visit, so this is definitely a win-win.


Thanks to the roads in Miami, the process of navigating the city by train is simple. The trains run through Miami to the north and south, and they have Wi-Fi. In order to ride the train, you’ll need an Easy Card since you can’t pay for a trip using cash.


Convenient Hotels Near Miami Port 

Top Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Here are some top tips to consider when traveling with your dog 

Did you know that 85 million Americans own some type of pet? While there are all different kinds of pets out there, undoubtedly, the most popular pet is the dog. 


In fact, over 60 million households in the US have a dog. And it’s no wonder why so many people own dogs – they can be absolutely life-changing. 


However, with all the benefits that come with owning a dog, there are some drawbacks. For example, figuring out what to do with your dog when you’re on vacation can be a huge hassle. 


But we’ve got some good news for you. 


You no longer need to leave your pup behind and make accommodations for it. Instead, you can take your dog on vacation with you. But, before you travel with your dog, there are some things you need to know. 


Check out this guide to learn the top tips for traveling with your dog. 

1. Choose Dog-Friendly Locations 

First things first, you want to plan for traveling with your dog ahead of time by picking a location to travel to that is dog-friendly, starting with the country. 


It may come as a surprise to you, but many destinations around the world are not suitable for domesticated dogs. So, be sure to check the US travel site about your country of choice to find out how pet-friendly the location is, if your dog will need any shots, and any other precautions you need to take. 

Sensory Overload: The Best San Francisco Sights, Smells, and Tastes

In 2016, San Francisco welcomed 4.41 million overnight visitors, according to Statista. Despite the elusive fog, Pacific Coast sights and scents continue to make this hilly city a hot tourist destination. The suggestions below are sure to guide you through San Francisco’s bests.

Serenity in the Commotion of Visiting a Big City

Image via Flickr by Goodnight London

Want to escape some of the city crowds and spend time in some of the more tranquil parts of town? Be sure to book the ideal getaway using InterContinental Hotels Group to find San Francisco hotels with proximity to one of these harmonious corners of the city. 

If a pamper day is in your future, look no farther than Kabuki Springs for a relaxing spa experience followed by a serene experience in the communal baths. Once you’ve allowed Asian-style treatments to calm your senses, continue to indulge them throughout the city. Let nature spoil your senses with a stroll through San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Fifty-five acres of an urban arborist oasis showcase over 8,500 different types of plants from around the globe. Raise your awareness of and appreciate the olfactory delights in the Garden of Fragrance, designed in 1965 as a garden experienced entirely by smell and touch.

Alluring Seaside Sights

4 Simple Ways to Eliminate Stress When Traveling as a Family

Vacations are planned with hope and optimistic anticipation. Unfortunately, sometimes vacations can cause more stress than they can relieve. Because of this, we listed a few simple ways to alleviate a great deal of unnecessary stress that can be brought on by a family vacation. 


Rent a Car

When you rent a car, you are on your own timeline. You can relax at the restaurant because you do not need to worry about the last public transportation bus leaving at a certain time. You can stay out as long as you like, or if the kids are getting fussy, you can leave as early as you like. Public transportation with kids is more stressful than it is worth. 


But sometimes car hire can be very stressful, too. Because of this, be sure to plan your rental in advance, so you get a car that is roomy enough for your family. Renting the car online well in advance will also save you money. Plan a little ahead as to what will benefit your family the most.


It is also nice to rent a car even for road trips so that there is less of a chance for the car breaking down. Since rental cars are almost always new and boast low mileage, they are less likely to fall apart in the middle of a road trip. Or if heaven forbid a car accident occurred, you can return the car and swap it for a new one on the road as opposed to waiting for your vehicle to get fixed.

How to Travel with No Money: A Guide to Help Fund Your Adventure- Guest Post

The following is a guest post. The opinions are those of the author.

Thinking of traveling but don’t have adequate money to facilitate your trip? Well, don’t worry yourself too much. There are many incredible ways to travel with no money and in an affordable way.

You don’t need to be rich to travel. You just need to be creative on how to travel with no money. And the best way to do this is by learning smart ways to find and save money for travel.

Read on to discover some of the best tips to help you travel for free or save tons of money on your adventure:

1. Discover Ways to Earn Free Flights

The biggest hindrance when traveling, especially abroad, is the cost of flights and accommodation. If you can find a way to do away with both of these factors, you can travel to almost anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to earn free flights today. You can sign up for several travel credit cards, use them to collect points, and get mileage for free. Credit cards have many rewards that people fail to explore because they aren’t aware of them.

Sign up for an airline card plus a general rewards card and collect points on both of them. When traveling, combine the bonus balances from the two cards and earn yourself a free or very cheap flight to your destination.

2. Hunt for Free Accommodation

It’s easy to get free accommodation today at your destination if you’re willing to do a thorough search. Many people are trying this technique and find it to be one of the best ways to cut travel expenditure.

There are many reasons and services that locals would allow you to stay at their house for free. Various websites link travelers with such locals. Couchsurfing is a good example.

Your host may offer you a room, couch, or even an air mattress during your stay. Don’t be shy to ask for free accommodation, even on your social media site. Today, a simple statement on Twitter such as, “Hey guys, I’m traveling to this city on this date – does anyone want to host me?” can get you free accommodation and a tour guide.

3. Take Advantage of The Sharing Economy

In recent years, people have become more willing to share services that make traveling easier and cheaper. Aside from sharing accommodation, it’s now easy to find fellow travelers willing to share rides, meals, gear, train tickets, and more.