Have Sippy- I’m Traveling! In #Mexico @KidZania

KidzaniaMe and my Little are traveling in Mexico City this week, visiting KidZania and checking out the sights of the area. KidZania is a fun theme park where kids can be adults for the day- work at “jobs”, earn money for working, spend it playing and on items they would like to buy (not real money, no worries mom- KidZania money, kidZos!) like renting a car, going to the beauty salon, or getting treats- or they can even open a bank account. They lean how to do many different kinds of jobs from Firefighter to making cereal bars and taking care of pets, and spend their hard-earned cash getting their drivers license (LOL) and making treats. Kids are empowered, educated, get to be creative and responsible- and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Stay tuned for more about our adventures!