Ideas for “Frozen” Valentine’s Dates

While none of us probably wants to think that this awful polar vortex could still be felt as far in the future as mid-February, it is possible. That means those making Valentine’s Day plans have to plan for the snow and ice.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day date ideas, inside and outside, perfect for this polar winter.

what to do on valentines day

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you and your sweetheart are stuck indoors. Try some of these outdoor date ideas if it’s safe to go outside where you’ll be:

  • Is there a local ice rink or safe-for-skating pond nearby? Rent some skates and glide arm in arm over the ice with your sweetie. If you trip and fall over each other, that’s adorable too. Either way, share some hot chocolate afterward.
  • Take advantage of the snow and make an igloo! You certainly have enough snow, so construct an igloo in your backyard using ice cream tubs or large Tupperware to shape snow blocks. Then have picnic of hot soup and other warming food inside the igloo (Eskimo kisses encouraged).
  • Or, if you and your date are creative, why not try your hand at snow sculptures? Sculpt animals, sculpt each other, play snow-sculpture Pictionary. Bonus points if you take pictures or if there are professional ice sculptures to view afterward.
  • This Valentine’s Day is a full moon, so take some soup or hot chocolate, your honey, some tarps, and go stargazing together under the moonlight. Don’t forget a pile of blankets to sit in on top of the tarp to keep warm!
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