Head To Virginia Beach

VA beachWhen I hear Virginia, automatically I think of Virginia Beach. In fact, every time it snows or a bitter wind blows, my mind will wander to a warmer place. Memories of family fun on the beach warm my heart for a moment, but I am left wanting more; to make more memories, to experience more ocean side adventures, to take in more of the sights and sounds of Virginia Beach.

My family loves to attend festivals. We like to browse the merchandise for sale, take in the displays and demonstrations and of course sample all of the food! Virginia Beach is the perfect spot for my family because the city hosts more than 25 festivals to appeal to people of all interests. (There is a Beer Festival, a Neptune Festival and a Kite festival to name a few.)
va beach 2
My family has visited Virginia Beach several times. When we went in the fall, the town was quiet and charming, but many shops and attractions were not open due to the season. We returned in the summer and felt like we had arrived in a completely different city. The lively vibe or the city was intoxicating and our days were action packed and brimming with fun.

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