Reasons why you should install a water filter system

Everything to do with hygiene draws back to water. It is also ironic that we suffer water challenges, yet the entire earth’s surface comprises of 70% water bodies. Tapped water may not be hygienic and safe for drinking as you may think, and that is why you should try out a water ionizer for the drinking water. A high-quality water ionizer will help flash out possible toxins in the water to a safe cellular level. 

It is also important to note that safe water greatly impacts your health, and the average chlorinated water doesn’t guarantee that. Tap water travels through pipelines before it reaches your home, a delivery channel that you have no control over. Consequently, you can’t tell what happens in between the treatment facility and your tap. There is also a high possibility that pipe water picks a lot of contaminants along the way, which may include bacteria and other waste products. In brief, you have many reasons why you should install a water filter system at the office and, most importantly, in your home. 

Do you still need enough reasons? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:


  • Eco-friendly


How many bottles do you think your household will consume in a month? Well, that will be slightly over 100 maybe. If another 100 families also consume the same number, there will be a total of 1000 bottles that will contaminate the earth if not well recycled. An average plastic material takes about 1000 years before fully decomposing in landfills. The detrimental effect that such waste will have on earth will be felt for the next millennium!

On the contrary, water filters are eco-friendly because they are built for longevity, and you don’t have to dispose of them after a short while. 


  • Cost-effective


Installing an advanced water filter system in your home is cost-effective in many ways than buying bottled water. It is also cost-effective in that it can significantly help reduce the cost of plumbing repairs in your house, mainly if you depend on borehole water. The best thing about having a reliable water filter system is that you can also carry your water from home when traveling or when going for work. That way, you’ll save whatever you’ve been spending on drinking water while away. 


  • Improve the taste of water


Piped water has many elements that inhibit the natural taste of water. If you’ve been keen, drinking directly from tapped water leads to poor drinking habits because the water doesn’t appeal. In contrast, an advanced water filter system will eliminate contaminants such as Chlorine, foul smell, and bacteria to enhance the taste of water. A high-quality filter system will also lower the pH of water, which is good for stomach health. Improving the taste of water will likely change the drinking habits of everyone in that house. Drinking plenty of water is also healthy in terms of skin tone enhancement and maintaining a balanced pH in the body. 


  • Use less soap


There is no big difference between an advanced water filter and a water softener. Consequently, once you install a filter in the whole house, you’ll start experiencing the benefits of softened water, such as using less soap in laundry and dishes. 


  • Get rid of Chlorine


It is so ironic that Chlorine is acceptable in swimming pools, yet no one wants to consume much of it. The main reason is probably that Chlorine has a lower pH, making it acidic, hence dangerous for the body. When Chlorine is ingested, it reacts with your body water to form acid, which corrodes the cells. An advanced water filter system will get rid of Chlorine to safe levels (if not the whole of it) and save you from such a nightmare. 


  • Improve Gastrointestinal Health


Lastly, you might also want to consider improving your Gastrointestinal Health. The human digestive tract requires plenty of water to flush out waste and reduce the chances of blotting. High-quality water filters remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria hence eliminating micro-parasites that reside in water, which can compromise stomach health when ingested.

Generally, drinking safe water isn’t only healthy but also helps reduce stress knowing that your family is well-taken care of. Moreover, it gives you an upper edge when it comes to disaster preparedness, say a sewer line bursts.

Water Filtration System – Do You Need One?

Turn on your tap and take a look at the water coming out of it. Chances are it will be clear and look quite inviting.

The assumption is that it is safe to drink. Of course, if it was yellow, brown or smelt of rotten eggs you would question how good the quality of your water is.

But the fact is usually it is not and you take it for granted.

Unfortunately looks can be deceiving. You could take a look at the website of your local water board. This will tell you how good the quality is.

However, it will only tell you the quality of the water leaving the plant; it can’t confirm what it is like when it reaches your home. This is why you should check this link and consider adding a water filtration system.

The Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems

There are several benefits of having a water filtration system:

Peace Of Mind

A water filter is designed to remove the chemicals used by the water board. They are no longer needed as they have done their job. These chemicals can be harmful to your health and will affect the taste of your water.

But the filter will also ensure the water is clean, providing you with peace of mind. You and your family are drinking the best water possible in your home.

Removal Of Smells

Have you ever noticed that your water has a faint chlorine smell or sometimes even smells of rotten eggs? This is a result of the chemicals used by the water board and bacteria managing to enter your water.

The right filtration system for your home will eliminate these issues and give you clean, odor less water. This will encourage you to drink more of this essential substance.

Reduced Risk Of Contamination

The water that leaves the treatment plan is tested to ensure it meets government standards. However it then travels through miles of pipe work to your home.

It is possible that these pipes can become damaged and allow debris or pollutants in; the water board simply cannot check every bit of pipe.

Pollutants include harmful bacteria, fertilizers from the fields, a variety of chemicals and even miniscule pieces of debris. All of these can be harmful to your health and you may not know about them until it is too late.

Your water filtration system will remove all these things.

Get the Right Filter

Once you realize that you do need a water filtration system it is important that you choose the best one for you and your family.

You’ll need to have your water tested to ensure you know what you want to remove from it. You should also check that the filters being supplied meet the certified standard; otherwise you could be paying for nothing!

It’s not worth the risk of not having a water filter; any of the nasty bugs that live in water can cause serious illness over a long period of time. It’s much easier to prevent them from entering your body in the first place.


What is lurking in tap water, and how can you make it safe to drink?

Failing to drink enough water can have serious detrimental effects on your body. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you have access to plenty of this vital fluid. But, you also need to make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and fresh.

You may have seen a drinking fountain or water bubbler, in the office block where you work. These devices are there for a reason. They help to ensure that everyone has access to water that tastes good and is safe to drink.

    1. Why is the water from the tap not good enough?

Many people do drink water straight from the tap, but it’s not the best thing to do. When you see what can be present in tap water, you can understand why.

  • Chlorine that is used to treat the water at the water treatment plant.

  • Dirt that collects in the water as it’s pumped to your home.

  • Pesticides and other additives that can get into the water as it travels along water pipes, on its way to your domestic water supply.

Do you really want to drink any of these things? The good news is that there is a way of making sure you get only clean water in the glass that you fill.

    1. How do drinking fountains and water bubblers help?

Drinking fountains and water bubblers can be used to filter water. This means that the water you get from them is good to taste, and safe to drink. Of course, these types of filtration unit are most often used in large buildings, such as office blocks.

There are different types of filtration system that you can use in your home. Counter top units are one of the most affordable choices. They do not need to be plumbed in and they can simply be placed on the counter top in your kitchen, and attached to the tap. The downside of this type of system is that it takes up valuable space. The amount of water you can filter at one time is also relatively small.

You may prefer to invest in an under sink system, for which plumbing is required. The system is hidden away, and you are able to filter more water than you can with a counter top system.

Whichever water filtration system you choose, it can help make sure that the water which comes from the tap is safe for you and your family to drink. Substances such as dirt, chlorine and pesticides are filtered out. All that is left is pure water. This means that the drink you get tastes fresh, and not of chemicals. You can enjoy several refreshing glasses of water each day. Doing so helps to keep you hydrated which in turn helps to keep your body healthy. You can see just how important it is to make sure you have a plentiful supply of clean water in your home.