How to Help the Future Groom

Marriage is an important aspect of life that should be taken with serious precautions and proper planning so that each party can get satisfied. Many brides always seem to take care of their wedding planning leaving the groom wondering where they can support or remain in the background. Some grooms also have some strong opinion which should be solved early enough through engaging in dialogue to avoid early conflicts even before marriage. To help them organize, plan and put everything in order, here are some helpful tips on how to help future groom.

Engagement Rings

The first thing that the groom should do is to establish your budget. Engagement rings start from Gold to Diamond and other precious metals. This is where you need to consider your budget and settle on a ring that you can afford. If you want to make it a surprise, there are many things you must fulfill before purchasing the ring. You must research her ring size by taking one of her usual rings and take it to the jewelry shop for measurement without her knowledge. Also, find out her style as every girl has her preference where you can try different bands such as gold, silver, diamond or platinum. Be selective while selecting the shape according to her style and also make sure you choose the right setting.

Stag Party

Stag party is the day you spend your last night in freedom before you tie the knot. It’s a night that you spend with your buddies and a lot might happen. Some expected grooms have woken up on the wedding day far away from home whereas am not advocating for this. You should have some plan and select a suitable location where you can spend the night and have some fun while drinking your favorite drinks

Seven Secrets to Wedding Dress Shopping


Going on a shopping trip for The Dress is like treasure hunting – it’s fun, but it can also bring you a lot of stress if you go overboard. It’s important to know what style works best for you that still goes well with the theme you have in mind. Bridal store specialists and sales consultants will know the style that would fit your body type and suits your preferences, and designers like Isabelle Armstrong have exquisite collections you can choose your dress from.

If you’re all set to sail to find that perfect wedding dress, here are seven tips to get you going!

Do your research.Browse through magazines and websites so you can have an idea of what you’re drawn to, especially the feel, shape, and overall style. Save the photos on your phone or print them out so you can show these to the bridal salon on your appointment. Shop around, but visit no more than three stores in a day or you’ll have a difficult time remembering—and eventually deciding on—which dress you’ve tried on.

Bring a friend. One or two friends, or your mom and your maid of honor, are the best companions on a wedding dress shopping trip. Your trusty companions must be able to look at dresses objectively and have your best interests at heart. A couple of honest, level-headed people is better than a whole entourage making you try on a whole slew of dresses you don’t really like.

Add Something Sweet to Your Wedding


Getting married is a fun and exciting time, but it’s understandably stressful. Of course, you want your wedding to be nothing less than perfect. Whether it is the dress, the flowers or even the invitations, your wedding should be something you remember for the rest of your life. But even if you are holding an indoor or outdoor wedding, at a church or on the beach, the biggest delight your guest’s will receive, besides your union, is the food.

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So let’s talk about candy. It’s a treat that never fails to delight the young or the old. Believe it or not, candy buffets and party treats have never and will never go out of style. These delectable delights can make the wedding or even the wedding shower an instant hit. Though your wedding is for you, the enthusiasm from your guests as well as the shared memories makes candy the ideal kick-starter for the big celebration.

There are three solid reasons you should consider candy in your wedding planning. The first is that bulk Candy is inexpensive. This is of great benefit as weddings can be, at times, a terrible financial burden. The second is that there are generous varieties to choose from when it comes to picking a theme. With endless candies come endless possibilities. The third reason is simply, simplicity. The ease of creating things such as candy favors can take away some of the stress that goes into wedding or shower planning.

As love is the centerfold of this joyous occasion, the heart shape that symbolizes that love is always in demand! Whether you choose from the classic chocolate hearts to the hard conversation candy hearts, there is a plethora of options available to celebrate your union sweetly! (Especially if you’re celebrating around Valentine’s Day.) Another great choice in the candy department are flower pop lollipop bouquets. These individual candies make sure that those who missed catching the bouquet are still awarded!

Frugal is Beautiful:Tips for Weddings on a Budget

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life – but it certainly doesn’t have to be the most expensive. These days, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,656. If that number induces more stress than the thought of holidays with your future in-laws, don’t fret: you don’t have to pay anywhere near that amount to have a beautiful ceremony and reception. If you budget wisely, you can make a frugal wedding a truly memorable event. Here are 7 tips for weddings on a budget.

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Start comparison shopping. Create a chart to make comparing features and prices offered by the various venues easier. For example, one company might not include the cake while another may skip the linens. Keep track of all the candidates and choose the one who offers your favorite amenities for a price that most closely matches your budget. (Of course, there’s something to be said for choosing a company or person who makes you comfortable and understands your needs – even if they’re not the least expensive option, they’ll save you stress and time in the long run!)

Most places will offer different levels of packages for your event,” explains Brandon Walker, the event manager at of Oklahoma event center Credit Union House. “The trick is to ask a representative to show you all of the available packages – then weigh those against other companies’ offerings.”

Travel to an inexpensive but scenic location. Weddings are generally less expensive in rural areas as compared to urban ones. And while you might think of a destination wedding as a huge economic burden, you’ll probably end up with a smaller guest list – so the overall cost will be lower than if you held the ceremony in your hometown. Go far enough away that only the most devoted loved ones (and your most well-off friends!) will attend. You may want to invite everyone from your co-workers to the mailman, but paying for a small wedding party is infinitely cheaper – even if you have to invest in travel arrangements.

Go public. Many beautiful parks and other public spaces allow weddings and other events for a small fee. Look into aquariums, zoos, galleries and historic sites, as these locations come already equipped with a distinctive ambiance and theme. Most will not include tables, chairs or other necessities, so you will need to make room in the budget for rentals. Contact your local school, church, or community organizations to find out if you can rent tables and chairs – or even borrow them free of charge.

Ideal Wedding Gown Styles for The Plus Size Bride

Shopping for a bridal gown should be a fun activity for the bride to share with her mother, sister or close friend. If you’re a plus-sized bride-to-be, you may be concerned that you won’t find something flattering in a wedding gown. Knowing which style is correct for the type of body you have can help ease some of the stress when you’re trying on dresses. If you are knowledgeable about what works best with your body type, you can turn your gown-buying day from a nightmare into a dream.

 plus sized wedding dresses

A plus-sized bride with a thick middle should consider trying on an A-line dress with an empire waistline. This traditional waistline starts under the bust, flows outward, and ends with a wide amount of fabric at bottom. This popular technique draws attention away from the woman’s waist. Look for a sweetheart, portrait or square neckline, which will bring attention up toward your face. Avoid halter necks or plunging necklines if you are large busted. A common tacky tactic among busty brides is to draw attention to their cleavage. This isn’t a good look for your wedding day. A bride should be regal with all eyes on her face or her beautiful dress, not her bust.A ballgown-style dress can be quite flattering on a larger bride. Avoid a style that adds extra fabric or
fullness to the the bottom half of the dress. Hoop skirts are out of style and only create the illusion of extra weight. Although many brides want a strapless dress, it is usually not a good choice for a bride who has weight in her upper arms and back. A bride who has a large bust is also advised to avoid a strapless gown. If she insists on a strapless dress, she can wear a bolero jacket or wrap to cover her arms.