Weight Lifting Exercises to Work Your Muscles Effectively


If you are looking to build muscle throughout your body, there are some specific types of weight-lifting that you should consider trying. Weight-lifting exercises will help your body to build muscle and will actually increase your good health and promote a healthy lifestyle. In order to effectively work your muscles, the exercises you use must target the essential muscles in a manner that is rigorous and useful enough to give you positive, visible results without putting an unhealthy of harmful amount of stress on your body and your muscles, and it is important to remember that it is best to take it slow when you are just starting new Weight Lifting Routines.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises is meant to target large muscle groups in the body and are performed repetitively for extended periods of time. Generally, aerobic exercise should be performed for between thirty minutes to an hour, three to five times a week. This type of routine can help the body steadily build muscle in many different areas of the body at once, which is one of the biggest benefits of aerobic exercise. Some of the most popular forms of aerobics include walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, and exercises performed on such machines as treadmills, elliptical, and steppers.

Strength Exercises

Strength training is another effective way to work your muscles. By participating in regulated Weight Lifting Routines, you can target specific muscles and build muscle mass in one place at a time. For instance, the bicep curl, one of the most popular and commonly performed strength exercises, targets the muscles in your bicep and forearm. This particular exercise is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their arms, even those who wish to perform with light weights and at a more relaxed pace.
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At Home Workout- Gorilla Gym


Most of you know this chick is trying to lose a few, and get back into her fighting weight (and body!)  While I love my time at the gym, I’m no stranger to home workouts, so Gorilla Gym’s claim that it’s the “the world’s most versatile home gym,” raised a few eyebrows around here. But after living with it for a few weeks, we have to agree.

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The basic gym weighs just 8 pounds and takes about a minute to install into any standard-size doorway, where it’s certified to hold up to 300 pounds—without holes or sheetrock-cracking pressure mounts. What makes the Gorilla Gym so unique are all the plug-and-play attachments, like air straps, indoor swing, rings, and ladders. As the weather gets colder, having a Gorilla Gym means you’ll no longer have any excuse for not exercising—or not having fun. $59.95 for the core unit. http://gorilla-gym.com/

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Weight Loss in the New Year

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight but are not sure how to implement it? Losing weight can be enjoyable and rewarding if you include activities and foods that you like in your exercise and diet regimen.

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One of the best ways to succeed in losing weight is to set realistic goals. Dieticians and doctors recommend a goal of two to three pounds a week to be sure to lose safely and keep it off. Although there are many gimmicky diets in the news that promise quick weight loss, the best way to lose and stay at your target weight is to reduce caloric intake and include more exercise to burn more calories. If you tweak your diet a bit to reduce caloric intake, you are on your way to achievable and sustainable weight loss.

Keeping a food diary that lists everything you eat for a few days can help pinpoint problem areas like eating when you’re bored or eating high-calorie snacks. Simple changes can eliminate high-calorie foods while satisfying the urge to munch. Instead of chips, why not try salted carrot or celery sticks? Eating breakfast is also important because it provides the energy needed to start the day. Without breakfast, hunger often strikes before lunch with the temptation to fill up on foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition.
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Foods That Help Keep Your Weight Down

Today, fast food has seemed to be somewhat of a necessity for many office workers due to their busy life and hectic work schedules. As a result, a greater number of people are becoming obese day-by-day. Regulating your eating habits has become the need of the hour to enable you to lead a healthy and happy life. You need to take care of the number of calories that you consume daily in order to keep obesity away.

pic 1Controlling your diet does not mean you go hungry and only eat limited kinds of food items. It is much better to find out which foods help kick start your metabolic rate without resorting to fasting. Knowing about the health regulations for food will enable you to know more about the best foods that can help you to remain in shape without crash diets dominating your eating habits. Here are some good foods that you can add in your diet plan to reduce your weight without sacrificing on tasty food. These will help satisfy your hunger and leave you fuller for a longer span of time.

 Beans: The consumption of beans is an excellent addition of protein to your diet. Generally, meat, eggs and other animal products are regarded as a good means of proteins. However, these foods can also increase cholesterol in the human body and have several health risks associated with regular consumption. This is not the case with beans. Beans have 0% cholesterol but contains a high percentage of protein. The high fiber content of beans makes their digestion slower than other kinds of protein-rich foods. This enables you to follow your diet plan without feeling hungry.

 Nuts: Nuts can be a rich source of vitamins and instrumental in losing weight as per health regulations. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans tend to have a good amount of essential vitamins and antioxidants. A daily dose of nuts is considered beneficial to good health. It is believed that some substances within these nuts affect the calorie pathways and may alter the metabolism in a positive way. Nuts are one of the most effective foods that can help you to have desired weight loss and remain healthy.

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Surprising Reasons Why You Gain Weight

It is very common that if your diet is composed of fried foods, big servings, desserts, sodas and alcohol could lead to weight gain. It remains a question why people lose a little a weight even if they are doing some physical activities. However, the big question is why do people gain weight even if they are living a healthy lifestyle such as having a healthy diet and regular exercise? Truly, weight gain is a nightmare for most especially when the weighing scale keeps increasing.

want to lose weightThere are several things that must be considered why you are gaining weight even if you are strict with the diet and remains physically active. More likely, there are so many factors for this problem, the major ones are the following:

 Lack of Sleep

In reality, the body functions at its best when you are well rested. When you do not have a good sleeping habit, the body is experiencing physiological stress and you get to store more fat. When the person is tired, he cannot handle stress effectively and for most, the coping mechanism is to eat more. Also, sleeping late will have a greater chance that you will take a late-night snack, as a result, your calorie intake will be more than the appropriate daily value. Instead, when you have a hard time to sleep and want to eat, you can try drinking green coffee bean or green tea than those high calorie drinks. Also, you can have a white kidney bean for late-night snacks.Some of the symptoms that you are not getting enough sleep are fatigue, feeling of irritability and low energy level. With this, make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night and if this is a tall order for you, adjust your sleeping habits gradually by adding 15 minutes each night and you will experience the effects of a good night’s sleep.


The society we live in demands that we must do more, achieve more and do more. Stress keeps people moving forward and helps in coping with the demands of life but it can affect ones emotions and moods. Stress is the result of too many responsibilities, coping with pressures and financial stability and could trigger a biochemical process that you can survive. In effect, the body stores fuel, slows down metabolism and dumps out chemicals like leptin, cortisol and other hormones which could be the leading cause of obesity.

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The Top Foods for Long Lasting Weight Loss

Most people agree that eating food and lots of it will eventually lead to weight gain.  In today’s world, it can be hard to distinguish between what is considered healthy and what isn’t.

People who are able to properly identify healthy foods and then consistently use them in their everyday life will ultimately create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. No more worrying about losing or gaining weight, just understanding these foods and how they can help you achieve a healthier weight.

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Foods To Lose Weight With

Whole Wheat

One of the reasons why whole wheat is so popular is due to its high nutrition.  One that comes to mind immediately is dietary fiber. This not only helps with digestion, but also increases the metabolism which in the end results in weight loss. On top of that, whole wheat has been known to be much harder to break down. Sounds bad right? In reality, due to this your body uses more resources and thus more calories are burned.
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Want to Lose Weight? Take the Baby for a Walk

It can be hard to lose that pregnancy weight after you have the baby.  However, it’s really important for new moms to get moving. Stroller walks can be a routine moms can employ to regain their health and pre-baby weight.


Stroller walking is a wonderful way for mom to begin focusing on her health once the new baby arrives, and you can spend time with the little one and introduce them to the great outdoors.  Here are the great reasons for mom to start a stroller walking routine:

Helps new moms’ mental and physical well-being
Combats post baby blues
Gets mom out of the house so she won’t feel so isolated with their baby
Encourages her to meet other new moms and form playgroups
Helps mom to implement an easy exercise routine
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My Week With @Nutrisystem #NSNation

Devil I am, I was at BlogHer this week, and you KNOW I was not using my Nutrisystem. It just didn’t happen. With pretty much everything being a lucnh, brunch, breakfast, or party of some sort- yeah, it just didn’t work out. The good thing? It involved a whole lot of walking, all over NYC, and I still lost 2 pounds, LOL. So I am putting this one on the win column.

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