Cardio Barre- weight loss and toning

I have a secret weapon. I do.
So, I have been talking about my weight loss, and I am still trying to lose about 30 more pounds. Since January, as you know, I have lost just over 22 lbs. Lately I have been posting about more things that I have been doing, using, and posting progress pictures. But- this is (so far) my #1.
The most fantastic weight loss and toning product- I love it so much. It’s called Cardio Barre!

I have been using it at least twice a week since February. It is not so easy, though! You will have to work. It’s not wild and bombastic, like some of those over the top (for me) videos you see- flying all over the place and rolling all about. BUT- it is really, really difficult, because it works muscles you may not often use, and you will work on your balance as well. Even if you do yoga, like me- it’s still a new bunch of movements, and you may have trouble finding your center at first. Take your time! I totally didn’t do the whole video the first few times, and I still don’t look graceful, LOL.
All the people in the video are ballet dancers- and look it. I HATE THAT! I wish fitness producers used more “real” people instead of perfect ones, it always makes me feel inferior and kind of puts me off. The good news? Even though you may not be a size 0- you can do this. You can! I was a size 16 when I started. Yep! I’m a real person. I have never taken a dance class, either. Not even as a kid.
I don’t have a perfect body. But, I want to have a body that is perfect for me, that I am happy with. My goal is not to be a size 0. I like to eat. 🙂 And I don’t want to be hungry and cranky all the time, LOL.
I just want to look and feel good!
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