#WIN Greek Yogurt and Baking Prize Pack

The American Dairy Association & Dairy Council (ADADC), is spreading the word about cooking with Greek yogurt – a growing trend due to its dietary benefits and versatility in recipes.

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To get you cooking, you can win a gift bag including cooking-related items.

The gift bag (a more than $50.00 value) will include:


Greek yogurt is made with milk and an active yogurt culture. Actually, it takes about four gallons of milk to make a gallon of Greek yogurt. Like all yogurt, it is a good source of calcium. Before its packaged, Greek yogurt is strained to remove some of the excess whey, resulting in a creamier, thicker, more satisfying yogurt. Although brands vary, compared to regular non-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt typically has twice as much protein, less sugar, and less lactose.


DID YOU KNOW….that Greek yogurt is….