Useful innovations in the office, stimulating the work of employees

  • How innovations affect the organization of staff work?
  • What types of innovations can be in offices? 
  • How large companies implement innovations in office space?


John Seely Brown, Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center and former chief scientist at Xerox, says that innovative companies have three characteristics: visionary leadership, organizational commitment to breakthrough thinking and a place that supports the work of innovation.


In this article, we answer the question: “Is it worth investing in innovation for the office?” And we also give examples of possible innovations in the office space. 


Innovation for the office: what is it? 


Innovation is an invention created by human intellectual activity. The main task of innovation is to ensure qualitative growth of efficiency, leading to an increase in profits. Any innovation, including the office one, gives a qualitative change of working processes, allows to increase efficiency, to receive the result of high quality, to raise the prestige of the company. 


The use of innovations in the organization of office space gives a few more advantages: 


  • Ergonomic, stylish and attractive space. 
  • Preservation of employees’ health. 
  • Increasing the number of new breakthrough ideas. 


Let’s consider in more detail and on examples, what innovations in the office are and how large companies introduced innovations for their offices. 


Open space 


One of the first innovations for the office, which were introduced in many large companies, were large free spaces where employees are accommodated and where the workflow becomes fully open. This approach allows employees to communicate openly with each other, to offer ideas, to listen to each employee, regardless of his or her level. An idea can come from above and below. 


Google is a great example of such a free workflow. Their huge New York office is more like an entertainment center. Instead of strict offices – game rooms, various kitchenettes with snacks and healthy food. 


Innovations for privacy in the office 


The workflow, organized in large open spaces, as a way of fast communication, openness and teamwork have yielded good results, today it is used in almost all large companies. But in the pursuit of corporate dreams, one should not forget about personal space. Having personal space, the employee feels calm and confident. 


Innovations have also reached the way of organizing an individual workplace. What new technologies offer here and what results can be achieved with their adoption? Let’s take a look at specific examples.