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This is our foster guinea pig, whom Little Man calls “My Precious” (he thinks he’s Golum, lol)

We have our own pets, and usually have a foster or two. They are always listed on

“Precious” was neglected before coming into the rescue, and then into our home to be fostered. Little and Kamikaze adore him, and he is sweet as pie.

We have had many animals go thorough our home through the years, and find happy forever homes.

If you are ever thinking of getting a pet, from a mouse to a dog to a horse, think of petfinder!

I just wanted to share about our pets and pet rescue, which we are very involved in. Please consider adoption next time you are looking for a pet! And as Bob Barker says- spay and neuter your pets! 🙂 Have a great day! Happy Blogging!


  1. Following you from Follow Us Monday!

    We have three rescues right now, and have fostered and adopted so many more.

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