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I was sent “Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries #2: The Case of the Armored Allosaurus” by Stephan Penner to review. This is the second book in a children’s series, where again Professor Barrister enlists the aid of Nate and Emily to solve a mystery related to dinosaurs. (First of series was “The Case of the Truncated Troodon”.) Does Allosaurus really have armor or not? This is the mystery, and the main characters get to travel back in time! How fun is that? I read this to Kamikaze and Little Man, 6 and 3, and they enjoyed it. Little man didn’t make it through the whole thing, but that’s OK. He left and started smashing his dinosaurs together 🙂 So the concept got to him at least, haha- I’ll take it!
There are black and white drawings in the book, nothing fancy, which is fine- the book is cute and educational. It teaches the kids about the dinosaur in a fun way, and was silly and not boring for mom, either. I like that it is fun and full of facts. The professor is amusing, and the two kid main characters are energetic and well-informed, it makes it more interesting for kids who are reading it- or being read to. I do think that it would have been better to have read the first book first- this book does not “stand alone/on it’s own” all that well- you should most likely read them chronologically so your kids can better grasp all the concepts of the characters.
I have every intention on bringing the book (and book #1) with me for “dinosaur week” at school in October. My class will certainly enjoy the books, and I can base fun projects on them as well, such as clay fossils and paper mache bones 🙂

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