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Just got this in my email…and it’s odd, because my boss was just complaining because she got in trouble at a recent car seat inspection because of how poorly the seats were installed, and how awful she felt. I was thinking, how many other moms out there don’t know how to put in a car seat properly? I don’t! I always bring them to the police station- I never feel like I do it the right way. (no self confidence, what can I say!)

“Four years ago, I lost control of my car on an icy road. The car rolled over several times and came to a stop upside down. My two young daughters, Elizabeth, 9, and Marin, 6 months, were in the back . . . and they survived.
Safe Kids USA instructed me on how to install my daughters’ car seats correctly, which contributed to their survival. To me, that stands as a powerful affirmation of the importance of Safe Kids’ work.”

Here is their website. Happy travels!


  1. it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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  2. How thankful you must of been for being instructed on installing a seat correctly. Good Job!!

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  3. Great info!

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  4. Great tip and I’m passing this on to my daughter.
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  5. Thank you for joining Ask Mommas Wednesday!

    That is really GREAT information! I’m now going to check my Monsters carseats. That’s so scary, but thank God they were safe! <3

  6. Good info – thanks! Not so sure my son’s Britax is installed correctly, though I can’t figure another way it would be. His infant seat was easy as pie!
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