Monkey Monkey Music- The Videos

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Meredith LeVande, whose children’s CD, “What are the Odds” was previously reviewed right here on Have Sippy Will Travel, recently released a children’s musical DVD. Monkey Monkey Music- The Videos with Meredith LeVande.

I put it on for my kids, and they liked it. The two of them sat and watched it quietly for the whole length. Nice! Rare, and nice! I had to bring it to the Pre-K, of course. (If it will quiet loud children, then you KNOW I was going to bring it to the Pre-K, LOL.) For me, the worst days are often those when we can’t go outside. Taking the kids outside, even if it’s only for a little bit, gives them a change of scenery, lets them exert some energy, and burn off some steam. The first rainy day we had, I popped in the Monkey Monkey DVD. Ahhhh…..the sounds of quiet! All those little mouths quieted and ears opened and they sat nicely for 20 minutes and watched. Then I got them up to dance with the music- after all, they are kids, and they do need to wiggle! Music and movement is a great activity for kids. With Monkey Monkey Music, The Videos, you get the bonus of having a professional lead the “movement”, LOL. For example , on “Let’s Fly”, Meredith was flying in her plane all over the country. So, the kids became airplanes and flew all over the “world” (classroom). After the song was done- they each drew a picture about where they had flown, and told me all about it so I could write it down for them. We even looked up some of the places on a map- some of them are unknown to our maps, LOL. A nice rainy day activity, and we were able to incorperate/expand upon quite a few skill sets and learning skills.
Monkey Monkey Music; The Videos with Meredith LeVande
Release Date: December 1, 2010
ARP: $19.99
Available at:
Track Listing:

  1. Hello
  2. Chinatown
  3. Jump High
  4. Where Is It?
  5. My Eyes, Your Eyes
  6. Opposites
  7. Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh
  8. Keep on Truckin’
  9. Mirror
  10. Can You Paint A Rainbow?
  11. Hop on my Bike
  12. Let’s Fly
  13. I love You
  14. Goodnight to you
  15. Goodbye

A bit about Meredith LeVande-

What is Monkey Monkey Music?

Photo: Gaetano Salvadore

Monkey Monkey Music is a children’s music program developed by Meredith LeVande, an educator and songwriter who has close to a decade of experience working with preschool aged children. Monkey Monkey Music is a continuously evolving project that’s committed to conscious and quality based music and media which puts the best interests of children first. Learning and music is a fun, joyous, experience for children, which is why Meredith’s collection of songs and live performances continuously engage both children and adults for years on end. Celebrations can be educational, and education should be fun which is why her shows, parties and programs are so successful.Both Meredith’s live performances, and simple listening experiences galvanize and unify groups of people, both young and old to “jump high”, “shake it loud,” and celebrate the topics that reference the lives and desires of young children while fostering connections between groups of people as a whole.
Monkey Monkey Music has performed at such venues as the ESPN annual summer outing, Tribeca Film Festival, Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink in Central Park, Pottery Barn Kids, Babies”R”Us, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Tarrytown Third Friday, as well as for famous NYC celebrities and such prominent parent groups as Big City Moms. It was chosen as one of New York ‘s best affordable children’s performers by Time Out New York Kids, and has been featured in Parenting, and on Kidz Bop Preschool On Demand, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Pandora Internet Radio, Preschool Radio, and various other children’s music radio programs around the country. And now, the new DVD Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande has won a NAPPA Honors Award.

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