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We begin our adventures in Cleveland, home to the “A Christmas Story” house, Ohio’s first Great Wolf Lodge (technically Sandusky) and more theme parks then you can shake a stick at.  If you are looking for a fun filled, out of the ordinary family vacation- look no further then Cleveland.  And for so many Americans, it’s right in your backyard! 

Looking for something a little “wild”?  How about one of Cleveland’s multitude of Live Animals attractions and exhibits?  This year, they also bring on the African Elephant Crossing at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, where you can see elephants from just 15 feet away.  This five acre, state of the art facility, was spared no expense by Cleveland- $25 Million was spent on this habitat, construction, and education and puts it on the forefront of modern elephant care. 
Not only are the elephants amazing, and being so close gives you a real sense of how truly massive and majestic they are, but there is also the educational and conversational component not to be overlooked.  Yes, of course- the focal point of any good zoo trip will be the animals- but don’t you want your kids to walk away with more then a souvenir?  They will be able to learn about the elephants and the animals that join them in their habitat- how we are like them, what we can do to help them, and what the zoo is doing to help.  You and your child can walk away, changed and inspired.  Your day at the zoo doesn’t have to end just because the gate closes- keep learning, reading, and exploring!  Your child (and you!) will be better off for it- not to mention the memories of that day you “met” the elephants will last forever.

Maybe you are feeling like taking a stroll through history.  Check out Hale Farm and Village– “where History Loves Company”!  Not only will your child be delighted with the stables of farm animals such as horses, cows, and sheep- but they can also experience life on the farm at this 19th century living history museum.  Since it’s opening in 1958, Hale Farm has been entertaining guests with it’s heritage and recreation of history.  Children learn so much visually and by participating and doing- what better way to give them a love of learning and introduce them to the past then with with a visit to Hale Farm and Village,  where they can truly get their hands on history? 
Speaking of hands on fun- the Great Lakes Science Center is a great place to spend the afternoon, or even a full day with your brood.  With over 400 exhibits, all of which your children are free to touch, turn, and experiment with, time will fly by  while they learn all about the world around them.  And you will have fun, too!  Build DNA, check out your body heat, and work a mini moon rover all in one day.  You can watch science exhibits put on by the employees- how about something fun, like mentos and diet cola?  Watch a movie in the six-story OMNIMAX theater, and be swept away while you view a tornado blow by in this life-like arena.  Ohio-born John Glenn has a featured exhibit there, along with a the NASA Glenn Research Center.  See a real space flight suit, space shuttles, and more!

You will never be bored in the Cleveland area, because there are more then 6 amusement and water parks!  With the summer heat being in full swing, cool off in one of these fun attractions.  Cedar Point, the number one rated amusement park in the world, is well worth at least a one day visit.  Boasting 17 roller coasters, the brand new WindSeeker and Dinosaurs Alive, themed restaurants, numerous snack and drink stands, and for the kids- Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy, and the Jr. Gemini Children’s area.  Meet all your favorite Peanuts characters as they greet your kids, pose for photos, and give hugs and high fives.  A day at Cedar Point will not be forgotten, whether you are there for the coasters, the kiddie parks- or a little bit of both. 

If you are not packing your bags and making hotel reservations yet, wait until you hear this- many area hotels offer specials and discount tickets to area attractions and theme parks.  Check out PositivelyCleveland for all the latest deals.   Once you get to Cleveland, don’t forget to stop by the Cleveland Plus Visitors Center and get your Cleveland Plus Pass.  With these passes (choose your length of stay), you can receive admission to many attractions as well as discounts on dining, shopping, and more- all at deep discounts.  What are you waiting for?  I’ll see you in Cleveland! 
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  1. What are some other places I should go if I should travel to Cleveland?

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  2. Ive never been to Cleveland but, it sounds like there is plenty of family activities to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I had no idea that there is so much to do in Cleveland. Thanks for sharing! Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

  4. I’ve never been to Cleveland but, it sounds like there is plenty of family activites to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! One of the “Cuzins” is in Toledo now. It wasn’t until her visit and your post that I realized there are so many fun things to do in Ohio. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve never been to Cleveland but it sounds like a great time!

  7. Some other attractions you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting Cleveland:

    The Cleveland Museum of Art is always free, excepting special touring exhibits. But the free section of the museum is huge and has a very impressive collection.

    Just a few miles south in Akron, the Akron Zoo, while smaller than the Cleveland Zoo, has some spectacular exhibits including penguins and jellyfish.

    Melt Bar and Grilled in Lakewood is spectacular. And if you’re bringing kids, it’s great for even the pickiest of eaters because it’s just grilled cheese sandwiches. Of course, in addition to a plain grilled cheese sandwich, you can get one with lasagne on it, or pierogi, or meatballs and mozzarella sticks.

    Just a few blocks up from Melt on the West side, or not far from the art museum on the East side, you’ll find Big Fun, a cool collection of both new and used toys from every nostalgic era imaginable, and it’s not at ridiculous collector prices, either. Find toys from your childhood you thought you’d forgotten about to share with your kids.

    See a movie at the beautiful and ornate recently renovated Capitol Theater, take the kids swimming in Lake Erie at Edgewater or Huntington parks, take a train through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (kids love trains!), and check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum downtown – slightly less kid friendly if your kid only likes Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber, but great for older kids.

  8. I am with the Western Reserve Historical Society in University Circle, which is just a few miles east of downtown Cleveland. I wanted to be sure that you don’t miss us during your next visit to Cleveland. We just opened our Kidzibits Family Education Center which is targeted for children ages 2-9 (although I have seen much older kids enjoying it too!). This interactive space has hands-on activities that encourage conversations about American History – such as how the way we cook has changed; how lighting has changed; how travel has changed; and more!

  9. We’re leaving on Friday for Cleveland – hitting Cedar Point, Soak City, Indians game & the Football Hall of Fame. My in-laws live there and this will be the first time we’ve really made it a vacation instead of a visit to the in-laws. All I want to do is eat at the B Spot!

  10. Ya gotta love Ohio as they have so much to do there.

  11. We go to baseball stadiums, and we’ve never been to Cleveland’s. Thanks for sharing some other great stuff – you might have turned out day trip into a weekend!

  12. We really want to visit Cleveland! We have driven through it many, many times and I really want to take my children to the zoo!! Sounds like a fun and exciting place!

  13. Love the Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

  14. Sounds like a great time! I didn’t realize there was so much on offer.

  15. Wow there is so much to do! You could spend an entire vacation there. Who knew? Thanks for sharing Sam!

  16. It looks like there are a lot of fun things to do! We LOVE Great Wolf Lodge – and my boys are always telling me how much they want to go to Cedar Point! Thanks for your post.

  17. I had never realized how much there was to do in Cleveland. It’s not a place I would have thought of for a vacation but now I may have to put it on our list.

  18. WOW Cleveland would not be someplace I would typically think of to go on vactaion. Who knew there was so much to do! I also never new the Christmas Story House was there. I would take a trip just to see that! And look at that elephant exhibit. That is very cool.

  19. This sounds like so much fun. I know my kids would have loved the elephant. I wish it was closer!

  20. I’d love to check out that elephant exhibit! How cool!

  21. Wow! Pics of the elephants r great. Luv the ones of the space shuttle too. Sounds like tons of fun, and not so far

  22. My youngest has a big thing for elephants! He would love love love the crossing!!!

    Who knew Cleveland had so much to do? I had no clue! Goodness…I’m exhausted just reading that list…very impressive.

    Lovin Charlie Brown too!

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