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A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend Target’s Feed the Family event in New York City. Target showcased all different ways to feed your family with products you can buy right at your local Target. From soup to nuts- well, from the recipes, to ingredients, to cooking utensils, accessories, and back to school products, it really covered everything.

As a Target shopper, it gave me some good ideas. Target is one of the least expensive stores I know of to shop at, and I got some good ideas to try. I’m not that creative- so it was awesome to be poked a bit, LOL.

I thought this was a cute take on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich- just for a little variety. Take a variety of crackers, some peanut butter, jelly, and cranberries for good measure- and there you go! 🙂

And of course- every child’s favorite, mac and cheese!

They also have some cute lunchboxes and food-on-the-go containers to get ready for back to school.

Target created the expanded food layout in response to research and feedback from guests who requested more fresh food selection in the convenience of their local Target store. The new and enhanced store redesign allows Target stores to further serve as a one-stop shopping destination for busy guests who can now complete their grocery list or pick up tonight’s dinner during their regular Target shopping trip.

Nearly 1,000 Target stores currently offer an expanded food layout. At these Target stores, approximately 10,000 square-feet is dedicated to a vast array of fresh food choices, including a curated assortment of fresh produce (e.g. bananas, seasonal fruit, berries, baby carrots and bagged lettuce), fresh meat (e.g. ground beef, chicken and pork) and pre-packaged baked goods (e.g. dinner rolls and pies), in addition to dry and frozen offerings. By the end 2012, approximately 1,100 Target stores will offer the expanded fresh food layout.

The expanded food layout provides guests with nearly 90 percent of the food categories available in a SuperTarget store. Target’s stores with an expanded assortment of food offer a selection of national food brands, as well as award-winning Target owned brands including Archer Farms premium foods, Market Pantry value staples and meal options and Sutton & Dodge premium quality USDA Choice beef.

With the expanded fresh food layout, Target guests are greeted with a bright, colorful and inviting open-market feel that clearly defines a carefully selected food assortment. Guests will find open-case refrigerators with fresh packaged meat and low tables featuring fruit, vegetables and baked goods.


  1. What a neat way to reach out to consumers. Our local Target recently expanded its grocery department fairly extensively.

  2. We love Target!

  3. I love Target, we have a grocery section in our store as well. Loved your post.

  4. That looks like fun! I love cooking with the family

  5. Our Target just expanded their grocery section and I am thrilled. Love Target :)!

  6. Im totally into the target line of food. They have some really great and unique products!

  7. Before we moved here, we only shopped Target. Now it’s way too far 🙁 I miss it

  8. I love Target… I was happy when they started adding to their grocery section!

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