Hanging Out with @ZylieTheBear in Central Park at #OasisDayCamps (AND #Win a Bear!)

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Me and my Little spent the morning in Central Park with the makers of Zylie the Bear and Oasis Day Camp (where my son attended camp for a month this summer). The kids had a great time playing together, with lots of activities planned and of course- meeting and learning about the guest of honor- Zylie!

Zylie is a bear after my own heart- she likes to travel 🙂 Zylie the Bear, an innovative new teddy bear line that is all about fashion and adventure, has a silly little brother, likes to learn, visits a museum, and has a Panda friend from China named Shen. In her first book, which was read in parts to the kids, we learn about Zylie and what makes her so much fun. The kids, both boys and girls alike, had a great time hearing her story and playing with the bears. Then, all the “little campers” had a morning of recreational and creative activities that Oasis has to offers – including athletics, exploration and a special “travel & adventure” scrapbooking activity focusing on summer adventures including fun-time at Central Park, at home and even around the world, like Zylie! (www.ZylieTheBear.com).

My son just loves his Shen, and we can’t wait to read about Zylie’s adventure with him in China. Little already knew all about Zylie and Shen from his time at Oasis camp (where they are naked, LOL) and he was really excited about this whole day. There will soon be a new bear friend and book- but you will need to stay tuned to hear about that!

One of you can win your choice of a Zylie or Shen bear. Here is how to enter!

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  1. Brigette Streeper says

    A polar bear!

  2. micheal dale grim says

    maybe a koala bear,i love them there so cute!!!

  3. I think it will be a polar bear.

  4. Kola bead

  5. Daughter agrees and is so hoping it will be a Panda!

  6. I think it will be a panda bear

  7. a Asiatic Sun Bear

  8. maybe black bear

  9. Panda Bear????

  10. Sylvia White says

    Maybe a polar bear

  11. I am not really sure but I really like Zylie in the Rockin in the Rain outfit

    [email protected]

  12. kims2312 says

    Maybe a Polar Bear?
    [email protected]

  13. I have no clue what their next bear would be – my daughter would be happy with a Sally – she was a black bear that used to live behind the apt complex until she was SHOT for going into the dumpster – so sad 🙁 Never bothered the humans – just going for food for her and her babies 🙁

  14. Sandy VanHoey says

    Maybe an Olympics Bear…whatever it is, will be cute I’m sure

  15. that looks like fun!!

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