Little Pim – Language Fun For Kids

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With school starting up, parents and kids everywhere are looking for that slight edge to bring their kids from middle of the class to top of the class. It is a fact that children who learn foreign languages early in life have a much easier time learning new languages later on in life. With this in mind, we have Little Pim. This cute little panda helps kids learn languages like Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, English, French, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, and Portuguese. Little Pim teaches children not by associated words with translations or drills, but with actions and sounds, so kids don’t have to translate to learn- they just learn.

This way, instead of memorizing one word, they memorize strings of actions, where the words are simply the building blocks to the underlying concepts. Pim is a blast for kids, it is so much fun Little Man actually asks to watch on a regular basis. If it is good enough to be requested instead of assigned, that is pretty good in our house, especially for something educational.

Little Pim is also the winner of 10 top consumer awards for his educational DVDs. Pimis now available as a digital download as well. So now Pim can be everywhere you are! Pim is even available as an app on the iPad and is the winner of the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

About Little Pim:

Little Pim is an award-winning foreign language learning program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Between birth and the age of six, the human brain is hard-wired for language learning, and Little Pim helps families take advantage of this brief window, by making language learning easy, fun and effective. Little Pim’s unique Entertainment Immersion Method


  1. my son is 12 and just started spanish in school. He LOVES learning a new language!

  2. I have to get this for my son! I think that it sounds great!

  3. This has got to be the best way to help kids learn a second (or third) language. Do it in a way that they can have fun with it.

  4. I love these little Pim dvds and Cds. They make it easy to learn!

  5. Hey, my son has those jammies, lol This sounds like a great way to help little ones learn at a a young age

  6. How super..that little ones can be taught a foreign language. So much easier to learn as a child. I love this…Thanks for sharing!

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